Server MOTD fixed

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Core, 10 Nov 2008.

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    thanks, I just notice after joining the goldrush servers.

    now players should know what the GM Server Rules are.
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    Ghm, you can also edit motd on zps. (motd.txt file, also motd can handle info about specific zp server features/stuff such as Infection rate votes and so on)

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    It was already edited (not by me, i only added info about inf), now it is:

    Welcome to a GAMINGMASTERS.CO.UK ZPS Server!
    # RULES:
    - STRICTLY no racism.
    - Keep your language as clean as possible.
    - NEVER reveal locations to opposing teams.
    - Rejoining after death as human or otherwise exploiting the stats system is not permitted until further notice.
    - Any complaints regarding a ban or innappropriate admin actions should be posted in the "Appeal Talk" forum on our site (see below)
    - "~ <message>" - Communicate between all GM TF2, SA:MP and ZPS servers via DarkiSock.
    - "!radio" - Show the SourceMod Radio menu.
    - "rtv" - Rock The Vote (a fair way of choosing a map to play).
    - "nominate" - Nominate a map for RTV.
    - "inf" - Infection Votes (like rtv but choosing infection rate for carrier).
    # DETAILS:
    - Site: [url][/url]
    - Forum: [url][/url]
    - Stats: [url][/url]
    - ZPS Servers: Ports 30000 to 30004 on
    - TF2 Servers: Ports 27015 to 27018 on
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  5. Re: Server MOTD fixed

    Ye that was me :P
  6. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Server MOTD fixed

    I think I said this before but could I suggest that we put some kind of contract in the MOTD, along the lines of "By joining this server you agree to the terms..." so people can't just say "Meh, didn't read it" when you refer them to the rules?

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