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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Mysteryem, 23 Oct 2017.

  1. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    We now have a public (no whitelist) Sprout server up at gamingmasters.org:25565 (port will likely change within the next few days).

    Sprout - Explore for More is an exploration focused modpack, you can find more details at https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/sprout-explore-for-more

    We are running the modpack in scavenger mode which disables a number of crafting recipes.

    You can download the modpack using the Twitch App (mods>Minecraft>Browse All Modpack>Search for Sprout>Click Install)

    There is a dynamic map up at http://mc.gamingmasters.org/sproutpublic/index.html

    The general Minecraft rules are at https://www.gamingmasters.org/threads/minecraft-rules.5077/ though the consequences for breaking the rules will be more severe due to less effective preventative measures in modded minecraft.

    Protect your stuff by claiming chunks!
  2. Thanks for setting this up Mysteryem! I look forward to playing on it. Although scavenger mode nearly made me go crazy last time! :iia:
  3. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    I will see if I can message the previous people who wanted to play on the server that its up.
  4. LewyJudge12 I hate 90% of you

    Did a bit of digging in a big dungeon with my Fortune 3 Diamond Pickaxe, results:

  5. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    I feel like you are hacking.
  6. I’m new because I was looking for a server like this is it still public I’ve noticed a lot of servers are whitelisted
  7. The server is still public, yes. Also welcome to the forums!
  8. what's the server IP? I used what was given up above....but it claims it cannot connect?
  9. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    Server is still up at the above address. The server log doesn't contain anyone recently trying to connect. I will start the modpack and attempt to connect myself just to be sure.

    Edit: Yeah, I connected fine
  10. Captain Tree Friendly oxygen production.

    b0ss this server is running 1.10.2

    the dinosaurs are already extinct

    please update

  11. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    refer to minecraft channel on discord
  12. Just started here. Anyone still play this server or did you guys move on?
  13. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    I think there are a few people (random) online the last few weeks maybe. Most of the regulars have pretty much left.
    Server has been up for some time so I think most have done what they wanted.

    But please feel free to still play and join our Discord :)
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  14. Ah, that's a shame. Where would I find the discord info?
  15. Join our discord server here: http://discord.gg/ChcPmAD

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