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    I've tried to find someone in one of the prop hunt servers to ask but they never seem to be around! I'm wondering how clans go about applying to host this mod? We have a dedicated box and an extra 32 slot server we'd like to offer up as a prop hunt server! It's base in Chicago and any other information you need to know can be easily provided. I'd be happy to work on a few new maps for the mod but I'm pretty sure I've seen a [GM] around, so I'm guessing you have mappers anyway ;)

    Let me know who to ask or what to do! Thanks!
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    Yes make maps we need more maps :)
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    Well that's no problem, the maps are relatively simple and small. I'd probably have to ask someone about certain game entities with this mod though (edit: I just found the guide that explains some of it). It would also be alot easier to test if we had the mod on one of our servers ;o

    I'll start thinking about possible layouts anyway :)
  4. Longbow Victorique <3

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    Hang around a bit and a manager should contact you.

    Geitigg? Geitigg? Here boy!
  5. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Server Request

    Spelling Geitiegg fail

    and it's a girl.
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll keep waiting for the 'manager' :)

    Still trying to find some inspiration for a map concept! It's hard to have an idea that utilises as many props in one place. I might consider making some custom models, the only problem there would be making the textures! Hm I'll go back to the map ideas thread and see if my brain kicks into gear!!
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

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    Dockyards, Train Stations, Boats, Offices, Supermarkets, Or pretty much anywhere there is a large concentration of items in one place.

    EDIT: Oh Damn, Forgot I'm the manager. D:

    PM me your request and I'll get to it.
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    Hm I like the boat idea, will start drawing some layouts see what I come up with! Also pm sent :)

    Thanks guys :)
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    Also please try to make a map where you hide behind or inside complex geometry/models rather than just a load of existing props to blend into.

    Pretty much why Warehouse is boring and Sawmill is still my favourite map. Followed by Oasis and Farm.

    Also complex or difficult to reach hiding places are cool and add replayablity, and Geit's idea of traps is cool too :)
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    Interesting point, I guess I should stop thinking about how to get as many props in and more about the layout ;)

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    The only problem I see with a Boat is that there's water all around, getting rid of the pyro's flamethrower advantage. D:
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

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    Not if you give it an Arctic theme, then you can justify killing any-one who jumps off (Freezing water).
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    Just make sure to make the map big enough or it will be like ph_maze (teh sucks).

    and stop stalking me Sarah :P
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    You were totally stalking me :P
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    Fine We can just stalk each other and eventually meet in the middle.

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