Servers Down?

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by evilgenius134, 24 Nov 2008.

  1. Servers Down?

    Are your servers down?, I play on those servers the most and i love the community but recenlty over the alst 2 days i can't find them on my favorites or server list. I just wan't to know whats happened to them. If they are up its obviously a problem on my side.
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    Re: Servers Down?

    2 days ago I had that too evil but yesterday there were online so maybe you (or someone other that messed with your account) deleted them...

    Just check em once more and if they're still not showing up, add them again

    GM TF2 #1:
    GM TF2 #2:
    GM TF2 #3:
    GM TF2 #4:

    If they're still not working, contact Steam
  3. Re: Servers Down?

    Well to me they're up, try refreshing your server list.
  4. Re: Servers Down?

    Cheers, i see them now in my Steam Server list favorites, dunno about my in game favorites or server list. Hopefully they will be back, i love them. :)
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    Re: Servers Down?

    yea John you can watch your servers at the bottom of your Steam screen :)

    But they're up evil we know that now :D
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    Re: Servers Down?

    And if you love the serrvers so much, you can join our community group you know
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    :D i just went on the db to check if it really working.

    they are.

  8. Re: Servers Down?

    cmd ping -t ftw

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