Severs are back online

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  1. Severs are back online

    Just to let all u guys know that the servers are back up and running Both darki and geit has put alot of hard work in and got them all up and running

    GM TF2 #1 24/7 Balloon Race :
    GM TF2 #2 24/7 Arena :
    GM TF2 #3 24/7 Dustbowl :
    GM TF2 #4 24/7 Goldrush :

    A quick note that the stats are working as normal its just the web interface that's set to the wrong database this will be sorted as soon as darki gets chance to.

    thanks to all and may you have a good time on the Servers
  2. Re: Severs are back online

    And as usual, ZPS is available on ports 30000 to 30004 on the IP above.

    The following aren't working yet:

    - DarkiSock (I need access to the .sp source on my computer)
    - sv_downloadurl (waiting for Kash to come online to give me the pass for the DNS server so I can set up
    - ZPS Stats might not be working
    - HLStatsX and ZPS Stats both point to the wrong MySQL IP - I'll sort this out soon
    - GMod won't be up until everything else is working correctly

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