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  1. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish


    K, I'll be short. my parents are coming home from holiday in 2 hours. the hosue is filled with beer, energydrink and wine.
    dont forget the remains of what used to be food and all the other shit. ILL NEVER GET IT DONE ON TIME HELP ME OUT! WHAT SHOULD I DO?
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    1.) burn down the house
    2.) be true and bear the shame
    3.) Speed Meth = Cleaning Up With Lightspeed

    good luck mate and god bless your corpse :lol:
  3. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: SH*T HELP

    I worked my ass off, I am finished 1 minute and my parents came home WOW damnit, my room is still a mess, gonna lock my door for now :D
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    I perfectly understand you. There was a similar case, but we smoked a weed and in a black way drank. In a bathroom there was a started box of beer, in a case have hidden a package make a fool, that mum has not found - have thrust a package is direct in its pocket of a winter jacket (this all was in the summer, all this history)
  5. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: SH*T HELP

    luuuucky you :P
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    Where you think we hide beer?
  7. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: SH*T HELP

    I put beer in, euhm I dunno I mostly drink it. no need to hide it :D
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    Vacoy )) +1 You know it )

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