Smash Bros. thread, why not?

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  1. |GM| Crocketz I make bad jokes so you don't have to.

    Thought I may as well start a Smash Bros. thread, seeing as how it's a popular enough game.

    Which Smash game is your favourite and who are your top 3 mains (if applicable)?

    I play Smash 4 (I don't have a gamecube and I find emulators buggy, so I can't really play Melee) and my top 3 mains are Lucina, Jigglypuff and Fox (third place changes constantly, but Lucina and Jiggs are there to stay for the time being)

    Add me on Wii U if u wanna fite, m8: Krocketz

    That's all for now, cya folks.
  2. Mystia the Schnitzel Delivery Guy

    Smash 4 is best for competitive (after melee)
    Top 3 mains for me would be Game&Watch, DuckHunt Duo and Villager
    Don't know about my Wii U name thingy, will come back with tht later
  3. Cactus The key is to never give up

    i only played melee/brawl really. At uni we have a wii with brawl so we play that sometimes. My top 3 are: Marth, Zelda, Ike/Pit
  4. Locust The Great Yeelord

    Same with cactus, I only played melee and brawl. My top 3 characters were: Lucario, Meta Knight and then Sonic (from what I remember, Meta knight was incredibly OP to the point where he was banned from tournaments)
  5. Mystia the Schnitzel Delivery Guy

    Metaknight was hilariously strong, it was to the point where it wasn't fun to play as and against
  6. Humpers GM's Resident #420Fag and general twat

    K I R B Y M A S T E R R A C E
  7. |GM| Crocketz I make bad jokes so you don't have to.

    If any of you are interested, I've uploaded my first Smash 4 montage. It took all too long to edit, so enjoy if you can.
  8. Mystia the Schnitzel Delivery Guy

    I pretty much enjoy the buffed charizard. He is even stronger now than before.

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