SMG Removal

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Shinkz, 21 Jan 2010.

  1. SMG Removal

    Liek ya totalz nedz removalz.

    Needs to be replaced with Jarate IMO. Being chased by a weapon that deals 8/12 damage with 24 crits per bullet with 100 rounds at medium range isn't fun. At least it's easy to dodge the heavy because of it's spin up time and piss poor manoeuvrability.
  2. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Agreed , the weapon is freakishly overpowered and needs to be removed.. IMO, what will be done is done is totally up to Dark..
  3. Yes Jarate!
    But could it be possible to make the reload time faster? otherwise you can use it what, 3-4 times?
  4. Should be replaced with the razorback, right guis?. :)
  5. I agree. Damn backstabbing props piss me off.
  6. The MC Official GM PropHunt Manager

    The increase in damage per second for the Minigun coupled with the slower movement of a Heavy leaves the Minigun on a similar level to the SMG. The SMG is overpowered, thus, the Minigun is also overpowered.
  7. I disagree. It takes time to spin up the minigun and the heavy can't give chase giving you plenty of time to run away. If you're caught point blank, then yeah, you're fucked. But usually you can run away unless one of them is camping somewhere.
  8. We should stop making changes cos it ain't prophunt, the real prophunt is with pyro and heavy that's it :dance:

    totally useless item to use. :aaa: srsly
  9. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Just, give, him, the , damn, jar, ok.
  10. gRiMrEaPeRsco Thunder ... wait for it ... Penis

    if the smg is getting removed can we get the corpses back? its more satisfying when you kill a prop if you get the watch the ragdoll get propelled across the room
  11. Let's remove the flamethrower too!
    Everyone will play with the backburner and you need to attack the prop from behind otherwise YOU DIE
  12. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

  13. Heavy was the worst addition to PH imo.
  14. MrMike This is my face when you talk

    hey i use the smg alot but hey give me a jar of piss to throw at people and i'll be happy as ever =3
  15. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    too right.
  16. Cookies4you Crippling Pickling Prickling Disorder

    yeah! i agree! we need 25 jarate count maximum per round and no recharge! yeah!
  17. Yay!
    Thank the lord it's gone. No more noob ass SMG spam. Snipers being selected has dropped vastly due to it requiring skill to use now ;D
  18. MrMike This is my face when you talk

    i was one of those noob ass smg snipers though =[
    though now i'm a piss throwing one HELL YEA >=D
  19. joe

    a fully charged huntsman bodyshot does anywhere from 103-137 dmg with spread on or an average of 120. its really irritating without the smg having it kill in 1 hit half the time and leave them with 10hp the other half and not being able to finish them off. if there's no smg could you turn damage spread off and bump up huntsman damage 5 somehow?

    adding sniper was the best change made to prophunt and its so much more fun than pyro but it was only midly annoying before that you only killed in 1 hit half the time because you could just shoot them with a couple smg bullets, now its really bad

    maybe another possbility could be increasing the self-damage a lot? so you could only shoot a couple bullets at a time? i dunno, just something to let you finish off really low hp scouts but prevent spamming it instead of using the huntsman would be great.

    personally i think being jarated is a lot more annoying than being shot at with the smg (and the minigun is too but thats a different matter i guess)
  20. Cookies4you Crippling Pickling Prickling Disorder

    you could always make the SMG a flying weapon instead. make it do 1 damage with 2 crit and give it 500 ammo and 50 shot. then you fly like a purdy butterfwy!!! of course you have a bow...

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