Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

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  1. Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!






    For a better view, click here (cos "The file is too big, maximum allowed size is 1 MiB." cant upload here)




    better view, clicky

    Exciting isn't it!

    Well the thing is they are fake! :| :evil:


    but it's good work whoever made it. ;)

    Quote from official Team Fortress site
    should be soon then, hopefully b4 xmas
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  2. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    I think next class be: scout, last class: engi xD
  3. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    or demo?

    last one will be engineer/sniper

    but I want the solider to be next!
  4. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    Hm probably we can visit steam page and check who is one of the less played classes, and with Valve politics to "make class more playable" probably he be next... xD


    So... scout/spy? And ofc last be engi :)
  5. eoN

    Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    I agree, engi will probably be last because its the most played and the most liked by alot of people and updating could ruin that.
  6. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    uhmm spy, I wonder.

    btw i can imagine an engineer update, where a medic can uber a sentry! :o
  7. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    Melee weapon - face stab, really! :mrgreen:
    Sapper - Will change to something like uber cigarette case and you be able to cloak+heal your self standing ~5 sec :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Revolver - Critical from back, no crit from face ;)
  8. eoN

    Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    That would be a good idea for the revolver but make it do alot less damage from the front then. And make it like 75% crit (in comparison with the current revolver) to avoid it being over powered
  9. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    I wonder what scout will get...
    Melee - something like bat what will do critical hits while you are in mid air.
    Second weapon - energy drink, you will drink it for 3-5 seconds and you will get speed boost (fire+movement in 2 times for 10 seconds), but it will hurt you for 50% health after 10 seconds elapse...
    First weapon - Mp5 navy... or suicide belt... xD
  10. eoN

    Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    Some people think the scout will get an smg i bloody hope not it would ruin the whole tactics of scout which is jump around like a crazy idiot but land on your enemy, shoot them, jump around, land close shoot them etc because it does more damage.
  11. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    With sniper "gun" i wasn't able kill anyone without luck or help... Maybe then not mp5 navy, something like nailgun? ;)
  12. eoN

    Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    Anything automatic would just make alot of people go scout and snipe.

    Pyro is already sniping with the flare gun, scout has pistol, demo has stickys, engi has pistol, heavy has shotgun, spy has revolver,soldier has rockets or shotgun, medic has syringe gun etc

    Like these are mainly secondary weapons and if scout has an automatic weapon it encourages the scout to just stand in one place and fire but the scouts ment to move about alot and dodge enemys attacks. the sniper has a SMG because he is very weak and dies quickly.
  13. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    Okey then main weapon be your team colored flag, that will boost your speed of capture points in 3 times/movement speed with intel in 3 times :)
  14. eoN

    Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    Good idea, if it where upto me it would replace pistol though and it would only work if you had it equiped and where holding it etc

    Then it would mean they would be very vulnerable when they have the flag out.
  15. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    Well... it will be Awesome scout-targets with intel :mrgreen:
  16. Re: Solider and Scout UPDATE!!!

    bah, got me excited for a sec =(

    spy/scout plz, that wud be a great early christmas present =D

    Scouts needs:
    Primary - double sawed off shotgun
    Secondary - mini rocket launcher
    Melee - MASSIVE Mario hammer + star power tune. BOINK!

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