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  1. How to Send & Receive PMs

    Two users have now aksed how to send PM's on the new site, so this thread is to help users out who don't know how to do just that!

    Sending/Receiving PM's

    1. First things first, login!


    2. Once logged in, to access your PM inbox. Simply click the "Private Messages" link under your Username.


    3. This should bring you to the Private Messages area


    3.a. Once in this area, you can read receive PM's or send them.

    4. To Send a PM.

    4.a . To send a Pm, simply click the "Send New Message" link on the left hand side of the User CP.


    4.b. Now that you clicked the Send New Message link, it take you to the compose new message form, to find a recipient is easy, all you do is simply input the first 3 letters of someone's name,

    for example; If I want to send a PM to DarkImmortal, all I would do is write Dar, this is because vB comes with a neat AJAX feature, that finds all users who have them letters in there Username.


    4.c. Once you have found your recipient, simply compose your message and then click the "Submit Message" button.

    5. Receiving PM.

    5.a. Receiving a PM in the new GM forums is as easy as send one, when you have a new PM, a small popup window should appear (that is if Dark has enabled that option?) if this has been enabled there really is no explanation needed for it.
    If it hasnt been enabled then its still simple, if you have a new PM, then once you have logged in, you should see a Notification drop down box appearing where "Private Messages" link was, under your Username.


    Thats it Easy!

  2. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Ah, thanks for this :D

    I am not the best at VBulletin so this should be something we could all try get used to. :p

    Also, is there an easier way to see what there is a notification for? it just shows a drop down menu with 10 options. I don't want to have to look through them all. :s
  3. Spykodemon Disabled account

    I mean I don't know all of it Vendetta :evil:
  4. @Spyko,

    Yeah there is an option where when you get a new PM, a PopUp window appears as soon as you get on.
    If you send me a PM now as a test, I can tell you if its been enabled, if it hasn't then all you do is:

    In the UserCP:

    User CP -> Edit Options -> Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up.
  5. shadiku nyoro~n

  6. What version of vB are you running shadiku, when I receive a PM, I dont get what you have, I get this!

  7. shadiku nyoro~n

  8. Is there a new option, to only display what you have in your attached image?
  9. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Mine looks like that too. :p
  10. shadiku nyoro~n

  11. Yeah, I'm trying to find it, but nothing yet!
    It may be a hack/mod?

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