Something needs to change...

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  1. Something needs to change...

    maybe its just me or does something need to happen?

    recruitment system needs to change abit... ppl are getting in too easy. being part of the community and clan are different things and the tags are there bcos of it =P no offense to anyone

    admin access? everyone seems to have it nowadays and ive seen some abuse of it on the servers sometimes. really does kill the atmosphere and reputation sometimes, hearing from some ppl. if something needed to be done, dont be afraid to ask =P there was plenty beforehand...

    instability of the servers? sorry just a general observation lag etc. War Server for example is wayyy to crazy for a match...

    just generally put out a word before Anything happens... there were random changes dont behind peoples backs which caused some unrest, gotta get the view of the whole clan as it gets bigger and bigger

    sorry if it appears im being a dickhead, dont mean to come out that way.
    jw if anyone else if anyone else is thinking the same thing? or something different or so, if so post your thoughts please. would be great to hear
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    well I kinda agreed with Yo about the recruitment system. +1

    Also is there a limit where we aiming up to? 50-80 max etc?

    and the admin access, it actually the leader(s)*mainly darkie* to decide who gets admins rights though.
    but those who abuse it, shouldn't have it.

    i really donno what's happening with the match server, im starting to get insane lags like sandman1985 :|

    and yo, u aint being a dickhead m8, u just sharing your views/thoughts. ;)

    it a limit of 100 members, I just lost track of counting :oops:
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    Re: Something needs to change...

    Well I agree on the recruitment system... Oba got in like in 2 days? I know he's a good players, friendly and bla bla (no offence Oba) but he needed to be at least 2 WEEKS in discussion guys, one week |GM| and one week GM-R, and I've only seen him wear GM-R... I may be wrong but this is, indeed Yo, getting to easy.

    About the admins, it's good to have many admins (as long as they stick to the rules) but plus 3 admins in 1 day (without discussing, making a topic of it or anything else) is too much. I respect your opinion Darki but it needed a bit more "talking/discussing" or a poll in the Clan section, so the whole "clan" could decide or give his/her opinion.
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    Re: Something needs to change...

    Well, first of all, you have to remember that just a couple of months ago this clan was in serious decline. Members were dropping out right and left. Since we changed the recruitment policy we have grown by nearly 50% and that's better than shrinking by 50%.

    The recruitment policy was changed to spur growth and wasn't aiming at getting all the top-notch players, although I would argue that a lot of them aren't too shabby. Most of the new members are certainly better than I am (but that's not saying much :oops: ).

    Sure, a few marginal players get in on the strength of their personality, but this clan has always been about a mix of good playing and good fun. I think that the tension between the two aspects of TF2 is what makes this clan so great. We have always striven to maintain a balance between fun and serious gaming, and I feel that things have never been better for GM.

    Some members have been voted in nearly unanimously, while others have been split decisions. Many have also been turned away. But it always comes down to YOUR vote; I haven't heard anyone say the system isn't fair. It isn't perfect, but it works well. However, I appreciate the comments on the recruitment policy. I will talk to the other leaders about tightening up the requirements a bit, if this is something that a general consensus agrees is needed.

    As far as admin access is concerned, there is an ongoing discussion here and in the Leader Discussion forum.

    When you mention "random changes behind people's backs," you need to be more specific because I don't know wth u r talking about. I mean, I don't think it's reasonable to put every little change to the servers/forums/policies up for a clan vote. I don't think anyone has deliberately done anything behind anyone's back. But if there is something in particular you don't like, feel free to speak up. We do want to hear your comments and want to know what people think. That's what this forum is here for.

    I Am Nomad
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  5. Re: Something needs to change...

    If we had a tighter recruitment policy I wouldn't have gotten into the clan when I did: I had a 1:1.1 KTD ratio (albeit because I had broken my wrist and had a cast on my right arm from 31st Oct to 31st Dec), but I wouldn't have been in the clan -- and look at me now: with my latest tag ([GM] Savage) I have a 1.82 KTD ratio. To me this shows that being a part of the clan allowed me to improve: I was able to just play and relax without having to worry about idiots on the server hacking/ spamming etc. and I didn't feel self concious, I felt like part of the group and I did better for it. I understand that we shouldn't let just anyone in, but then again we are a community; and with that community there is a democracy where we vote on the new players and decide on if we want them in the clan or not. I think that if we set rules for recruitment then we should obey them, with a leader stepping in and refusing the application if they don't meet the criteria, but for now I think that the clan is becoming a better place with every passing day.

    But then again; that's just my opinion ;)

    In terms of admin: I hope that I am not one of those people abusing it D: -- I will admit that on server #5 I have slayed bots and changed my gravity to confuse them and laugh, but that's only if it's me on there and maybe other admins. The only other time I've used it was to vote for crits and when I've had to reset the map/ scramble teams etc. (Well, that and a couple of warnings every now and again and kicking those that are afk ^^) but then again no one else was there to do it so I had to.

    Anyway, back to the servers 0.o


    Edit: Overdrive, how could we ever think that of you? <3
  6. Re: Something needs to change...

    dont get me wrong =) i never said the new members were lacking anything. great personality and skills out there.
    just saying that if this continues the recruitment policy might aswell not be there, if that makes any sense? sorry hard to explain...
    i understand where ur coming from though Savage with my own application n stuff. heck my recruitment period took about 2 months =P
    having the vote casting in is great for ppl and gives ppl the choice, as u said Nomad. i often wonder how people voted from my application n stuff but the topic was removed straight after xD

    as for admin. using the fun stuff in small grps etc is fine =D however when the server is full and there are some ppl messing around with the commands it can upset some ppl after witnessing it
    not saying ppl are not allowed to do it as it is funny =D but dont use it to ur advantage
    aye votes and stuff is nice to have as it involves everyone in the game but ask about them first. if its done in the middle of a fight it can be like 'O crap... what did i press' =P

    yea sorry Nomad was not clear with that but meant with changes to the server or any goings on with the clan etc, not any backstabbing or anything going on.
    erm just for example 'class limits' lil drama that happened. again as you said, votes are there to allow people to express their views and opinions, but if u look at some polls they are completely ignored sometimes

    this is just in general, not targeting anyone. sorry if its caused any upset on anyone

    EDIT: Savage <3
  7. Re: Something needs to change...

    Ok just my 2c on this one guys, we are a comunity the [GM] is abit like a wedding ring it shows commitment, to a group of people/players. Also means that we respect the people within that comminity hence we vote members in/out, This is changing slightly.... as you may or may not no we are forming a new team possibly even teams, which will compete.

    So what does it matter? its good to have a comminity of player that we all enjoy to play with.

    No disrespect, but not all the comminity is competative Team level. and prob dont want to be, they play for fun so let them have fun by being in the GM comminity. :)

    I hope people understand what i mean.


    P.S the WAR SERVER is simply not usable for matches, TBH have felt embarsed 2-3 times recently when i advertized server on. So as of recently i have had to advertize server off, how or why is it so bad? we only have 12 player on the war server at one time. could someone please please please look into this.....
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    Re: Something needs to change...

    +1 :)
  9. Re: Something needs to change...

    Not really much for me to add.

    As a newbie, I think your recruitment policy is great for increasing the community; i didn'y know it was on the decline before my timely arrival :D .
    I havn't run into a single person who I havn't liked or had a problem with which is pretty rare in a clan of this size. Kudos on the screening!
    (Thumbs-up emoticon)

    As for admins... havn't witnessed any problems. I quite like the random votes. Reminds me that it's a fun server!
    Plus DB can get stacked pretty quickly so having plenty of admin on to change it up ASAP can be pretty useful.

    Match server... It lags (sandman :lol: )


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