Sorry, We've lost it...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Zana, 20 Feb 2010.

  1. Zana The Candy Bun

    Sorry, We've lost it...

    Does anyone remember my "loud clicks" that crashed my bro's PC?

    Well, it was the hard drive... so yesterday was the last time it booted propelly... It is pretty sad... and i am trying to dismantel th PC to house the HD on my older one and try to copy important files from it...

    On a side note, this old computer from i am writing ATM is almost dead because its internal batteries died and some sensors are freking the hell out (your computer case had been opened[fucking yeah])...

    Is just THAT sad...

    BTW: Any way to recover the data? because i think it is not the drive itself, it is the thing that moves, you know what i mean
  2. i heard that if you put the hard drive in the freezer for a while, it will work again. Its a temporary fix but it will probably give you enough time to get the data you need from it

    hope I could help :D
  3. Zana The Candy Bun

    I Gotta try it out
  4. Zana The Candy Bun


    I freezed the HD for 2 hours, i cleaned the PC, i adjusted the cables, and Voila! Fix'd...

    I would like to upload some photos, but they are too larege, i will upload them later
  5. It won't stay working for long - get the data off it while you can.
  6. glad i could be of help :D
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    And for the record, we agreed to wear a this avatar :D (and i like it)
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