Spitfire Leaves [GM]

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Spitfire, 23 Apr 2008.

  1. Spitfire Leaves [GM]

    [GM]THÊ Ørîgîn?l ?|pH?: sorry man but core is going to kick you if the servers wont get up

    Thats Black Mail Which i won't stand for

    Cya Folks
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    BTW, he said he left even before alpha said that. He's just trying to find an excuse.
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    [GM] ??. ?Ø?? ??: BTW, you said you were going to leave GM even before alpha said that
    [GM] ??. ?Ø?? ??: We're all happy you left, no one really liked you in the clan whether or not you provided the servers
    [GM] ??. ?Ø?? ??: We all agree that you did fuck all
    [GM] ??. ?Ø?? ??: haha
    Spitfire: I did Loads
    [GM] ??. ?Ø?? ??: Name me 10
    Spitfire: Provided you With 2 Servers

    Then he removed me from his list
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