sprays and hello all.

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  1. sprays and hello all.

    Hello all.

    Well i couldnt find the topic about the sprays (if theres one)..Noob me sorry about that.

    Anyway i am pretty new to you guys,

    my name is Efe, i am 26 years old, turkish , fat and pretty ugly. I am still a student in a art and design faculty (comminication design). Worked on movie and commercial industries.

    My question is, how can i my sprays work, or specificly how can i convert my jpeg images to vtf, vtu or whatever it is format and which directory should be in?

    i kiss u all.
  2. Reverend lame

    Re: sprays and hello all.

    hi topol
    i make for u two screens...;)
    first: main menu of game=> options=> multiplayer
    [attachment=1:uu9du0lf]hl2 2008-07-22 01-54-01-60.jpg[/attachment:uu9du0lf]
    second:import spray.. there u choose directory where u have spray and upload it... i think size must be 200x200

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  3. Re: sprays and hello all.

    Short tutorial on how to convert .jpeg to .vtf, with transparency as well if you need it. In addition to Photoshop, you'll need VTF Edit which you can download here.

    1. Open up Photoshop and create a blank 256x256 RGB 8-bit image.
    2. Fill the canvas with R128, G128, B128.
    3. Create a new layer on top, and add or draw whatever you want your spray to be. From this layer, delete anything that you wish to be transparent in your final spray.
    4. CTRL+click this layer in the layers palette to select only what you have drawn onto the layer.
    5. Go to the Channels tab and create an alpha channel from selection.
    6. Go back to the layers tab and flatten your image.
    7. Save the image as a TGA file. Make sure that Alpha Channels is checked, select OK and select "32-bit" if anything pops up.
    8. Open up VTF Edit. Select File -> Import and select your TGA file.
    9. In the box that appears, uncheck "Generate Mipmaps" and leave everything else as is. Note that Alpha Format should read DXT5. Select OK.
    10. To ensure that the TGA alpha map worked, you can go to View -> Mask, which will turn on the alpha map preview.
    11. Save your file. You'll need to place the final .vtf file in two locations:
    \Steam\steamapps\yourusername\team fortress 2\tf\materials\VGUI\logos
    \Steam\steamapps\yourusername\team fortress 2\tf\materials\VGUI\logos\UI\
    Note: You can create these two locations if they do not exist.

    After all that, just follow what Rev said. Hope that helps! ^^
  4. Re: sprays and hello all.

    wow thanks guys i appriciate it

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