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  1. Sprays!

    YO! some of u may no i have a different spray everyday ^^ but kind of stuck for ideas on this one... any thoughts on it wud be greatly appreciated.
    it doesnt feel complete ya no?

    their not exactly great buuuuuut if ur lookin for an avatar/spray just gimme a bell. if i hav the time tho... or if u bribe me ;)
    provide the model etc and will c wot i can mix up for u


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  2. Bun

  3. Re: Sprays!

    that's good! ;)

    I want one :P

  4. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Sprays!

    Yea fpsbanana is a really good site for tags, skins, almost everything. I got my spray from there and with a program I can edit those as well...

    So if anyone wants a custom tag than ask me through Steam chat and I'll make one for you (btw, if anyone got a REALLY GOOD program for this, e.g. where you can make letters with blood drups (which I can't, unfortunately, than give me the name of that program plz)

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