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Discussion in 'Whitelist Applications' started by MasterDyson, 14 Oct 2017.

  1. Server(s) to be whitelisted on: Sprout
    Forum username: MasterDyson
    Minecraft username: MasterDyson
    Steam profile link/id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Masterdyson/
    Nickname(s) (if applicable):
    Who do you know in [GM]?: nobody YET
    Have you been on our mumble and/or discord server?: no i have not but i can get on mic my or may not work though its all ways a pain in the butt for me
    List the [GM] servers you have been on previously?: this would be my first
    Do you agree to abide by the rules specific to the server you play on?: always
    Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft Server or any of GM's servers, and if so, why?: nope
    Who will vouch for you?: YOU THE READER
    Do you need to be fast-tracked?: nah you can take your time... i can wait
  2. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    Join the discord anyway and say Hi in the text channels :)
  3. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    Due to how our current whitelist works it will be a no due to having no one to vouch for you.

    However, feel free to join us on discord and have a chat with everyone, make yourself known. And once people are aware of who you are you'll be able to have someone vouch for you!
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