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  1. Mister Spuds I don't understand what's going on here...

    Mumble username: Mister Spuds
    Starbound character name(s): Spuds
    Steam profile name: Mister Spuds
    Steam profile link/id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jackspud
    Age: 19
    Timezone(GMT+/-_): GMT+0
    Have you been on our mumble server?: Yes
    List the [GM] servers you have been on previously?: All of them pretty much
    Do you agree to abide by our regular terms and rules?: Yes
    Do you agree to abide by the rules specific to starbound?: Yes

    Thought I would make it more official now since the new update is around and I'm not on the white list any more :(
  2. Approved - please go here for the log in info for the server
  3. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

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  4. vand2 Just a generic loveable guy

    President Spuds confirmed

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