Steam start hosting mods!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Tom Hackers, 27 Sep 2008.

  1. Steam start hosting mods!

    As a part of our continuing efforts to support the MOD community, we will begin hosting selected MODs directly on Steam starting next week. The first five MODs to ship on steam will be Age of Chivalry, D.I.P.R.I.P., Insurgency, Synergy, and Zombie Panic. As always, owners of any Source game will be able to download and play all of these MODs for free.

    Once installed, these MODs will appear in your "My Games" list and will receive automatic updates just like other games on Steam. Also, these MODs now take advantage of Steamworks, which provides stat tracking and tighter integration with the Steam community.

    We're excited to see MOD developers get wider recognition for the hard work they have done, and we hope to support more MOD teams in the future. Watch for the official release next week!


    P.S. Who don't get it: community of these mods will increase a lot!
  2. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    where's Sourceforts? They really hate it, it seems. And Empires... and and and :P
  3. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    I think they will add Empires later, Source Forts maybe no becouse it's not so popular...

    Also they probably will not host mods that size is under 200 MB.

    Hm.. well anyway, let me be wrong, they must host all mods muhahaha!
  4. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    Sourceforts is very popular. Steam (VALVe) just hates it. They changed something in the Source SDK stuff, and the game broke, they had to recode it. AND THEY KNEW. I bet SF will never be on.
    (and valve planned something similar themselves, dunno...)
  5. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    As i said, i hope i'm wrong, they must host all mods :mrgreen:

    I got questions: so now achievements for mods possible? :O
  6. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    achievements for mods were possible before, some of the mods already use it i guess (DIPRIP if i'm right.) It's called "Steamworks", and it's included in the SDK/Steam stuff i guess.
  7. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    K, i hope zombie panic will someday have achievements too :>
  8. eoN

    Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    This is a great step for steam and hopefully this will explain the Host problems lately.
  9. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    Maybe it's time we focused on getting our ZPS server to #1 (it's currently #4 according to :D
  10. Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    Not so hard if server will have alltime at least ~15 people online alltime.

    Also if compare with TDR... Well USA count 38 zombie panic servers vs 11 United Kingdom.
  11. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Steam start hosting mods!

    @waebi yea sourceforts rock. If we get a second dedi, please host a server? :> (uberfort!)

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