Stolen account!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Bun, 29 May 2008.

  1. Bun

    Stolen account!

    So my account got stolen...

    MaD-DoS send me an "screensaver" that would be safe, I trusted him as he was cooool. But holy fuck virus oh no. I can't start my computer (At my brothers atm). He changed my pass.
    So any message from me would be from him!!
  2. Re: Stolen account!

    I'm really sorry to hear this :(

    MaD-DoS is simply the most fucking annoying piece of shit I have ever had the misfortune to meet. :x Seriously.

    Oh and have you tried recovering your password via email?
  3. Bun

    Re: Stolen account!

    Not yet, I'll try it.
  4. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Stolen account!

    Someone needs to report that guy to Steam, post haste.

    I Am Nomad
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  6. Bun

    Re: Stolen account!

    I'm currently trying to fix it, gotta ask my brother though, he's awesome at fixing stuff like this.
  7. Re: Stolen account!

    In the event that a hijacked Steam account is banned by the Valve Anti-Cheat System, Steam Support will not be able to reverse the ban.

    Gotta get it quick before he cheat in your account

  8. Re: Stolen account!

    MaD-DoS aka cortez was the same a**hole that tried to send me that virus over steam!!! Good thing we didn't let him into the clan!!!
  9. Bun

    Re: Stolen account!

    Yupp, good thing.
    My brother have submitted to the valve support how to fix this.
  10. Re: Stolen account!

    Omg its that fucking mad dos bitch again?
    That fucking little immature piece of shit. If he ever had the misfortune of meeting me IRL i would so fucking beat him up.
    Honestly though, excuse the language but seriously i would.
    Good luck recovering your account bun.
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  12. Re: Stolen account!

    I've banned that asshole "[AG]-MaD-DoS [SL]" STEAM_0:1:17178631 permanently from all GM servers.

    Bun you better get your account back asap. He's using your account right now and is online :shock:
  13. Bun

    Re: Stolen account!

    Holy fuck! That fucking asshole.
    I'm fucking reporting him to valve. Ban that fucker.
  14. Re: Stolen account!

    But why on earth did you accept a file from him? Did you not scan it for viruses first? :?
  15. Bun

    Re: Stolen account!

    I'm stupid. ;_;
    Also yay, my computer is fixed. <3 AVG Anti-Virus!
  16. Re: Stolen account!

    now get your acc back mate ;)

    and btw: ALWAYS scan things first here:
  17. Bun

    Re: Stolen account!

    Oh god, he's playing cs right now...
  18. Bun

    Re: Stolen account!

    Got my account back, I can play!
    Can't go in the steam community though. :S
  19. Re: Stolen account!

    Ok I will ask you more questions on steam to make sure it's really you.

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