Stupid ?

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  1. Stupid ?


    Does it get any more stupid ?
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    O.o I SO wanna do that...
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    Last day in december (31st dec) fireworks are sold all across the country and you can buy as much as you want, as big and loud as you want or just buy small fireworks...

    Last year this much was sold (bear in mind that iceland's poppulation is only 300.000
    Icelandic krona: 500 million
    Euroes : 2.909.683
    Dollars : 4.050.550
    GBP : 2.751.031

    seriously, watching over the city is so crazy.. if I remember to I'll try to take some photos off it...

    argh I'm so tired bet theres like 300 typos in that
  4. LienK Wat

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    Iceland will be bankrupt by newyear, so no fireworks this year! (joke :P)
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  6. Ray

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    I remember going India during one of the festivals they have, fireworks sold to nearly 1,147,995,904 people. Imagine the carnage. The whole country lights up.
  7. Th-

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    Wow... do you happen to have any pictures of the event?
  8. Ash

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    Sounds awesome xD

    Gogo piccies if you have any? :)
  9. Ray

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    None to be honest, I was young back then. I was like 6-8, probably younger I think. They celebrate the occasion here in London as well but it's nowhere near as loud or bright, partly because most of the celebrations are in pubs or clubs here while over there they're all around relatives and stuff. Google the word "Diwali" and you'll see what I mean, it's hectic.

    edit: Imagine the whole of India like this. ... s-71287970

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