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  1. eoN

    Suggestion bit

    Hes meaning on pubs... And since when has GM been all about matches :P, judging by the recruitment policy i wouldnt say its about matches...
  2. Bun

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    +1 eoN.

    GM isn't about matches.
    The teams are, but 3/4 of the clan members don't want a team.
  3. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    I don't understand what this comment has to do with this thread at all. No one ever said GM was all about matches, so I don't know where you got that idea.

    But as long as we're going off-topic... you're right. GM is not about matches. GM is about community and fellowship and coming together in friendship to do something we enjoy -- playing TF2. And to enjoy TF2 to its fullest, we strive to play TF2 to the best of our ability and to help one another improve. And we do this in a spirit of friendship and and atmosphere of fun that makes GM a truly unique organization. If all of that leads to matches, and competitive play, and teams, and so on, then great -- but that is secondary. The GM community is who we are.

    Lest we forget our "Core Values":

    Sorry to rant. But comments like that make me do that.

    I Am Nomad
  4. Bun

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    If GM is just a community, then don't be a clan. Be a community.

  5. eoN

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    Sorry im just confused because i suggested adding pugs to the recruitment policy to get more players at that level in gaming (not to put more players into that level of gaming) if you know what i mean...

    Like there are a few stages of gamers:

    [*]pub gamers
    [*]pub gamers who are in a clan
    [*]pickup players
    [*]ETF2L players (competition players be that div 5 or div 3 for example)
    [*]High division players

    (each of these category get split up alot but im not going into detail)

    To my knowledge GM is near the bottom, pub gamers who are in a clan, but if GM wants to become pickup players then feel free but GM has to many people who dont want to do that and i dont think it would be right to do anything to them who have dedicated alot of time to GM but i dunno... im just still confused what GM wants to be / is.

    I understand GM wants to have "pro" match teams who can play etf2l and all that but that just makes all the people who arent at that level feel bad... In my opinion your right Nomad GM is a community not a clan (to my definition of a clan that is)

    Hm... i dunno, what got me thinking about this is that GM is getting their recruits to play Pickups but i dont really see why because its better to start with people who are already playing pickups if you want competitive gamers because it takes time to get good, and a fair few months of pickups before you can cope in ETF2l (for example).

    I think GM should recruit for their Community (who are a bunch of pub players who are happy playing pubs (and im not meaning that in an offensive way...)).

    I think GM should not bother with getting their recruits to play pickups but its no big deal tbh but i think that GM should take personality over skill level for the community and leave the more competitive recruitment to F or whoever decides to start another team.

    And no im not meaning that in an elitest way but i dont see the point in recruiting people into a community because their good i think they should be recruited because they can give alot to the clan and/or are very nice people...
  6. Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)


    I am actually encourged by your contrstructive and lively post on the matter of GM. GM is a group of people generally brought together by the gameplay of tf2 and the commaradary of the players.

    GM has always been a community or clan (clan = 1. A traditional social unit in the Scottish Highlands, consisting of a number of families claiming a common ancestor and following the same hereditary chieftain. The only scotish people I know playing tf2 is you Eon and Lyns :) . 2. A division of a tribe tracing descent from a common ancestor - I bloody hope not!!. 3. A large group of relatives, friends, or associates - thats the one!) :)

    My personal opinion is that you have this initial group of people "GM", and from that they bring their interests to bare on the collective, such as wanting to play matches etc. GM tries to actively support its members in constructing teams for matches; if they wish to pursue this course of action, and it does this in a number of ways such as providing a dedicated match server, providing support and advice to its members in respect of game play where we can. It creates forums specific to teams, which I might add are even accessable to non GM members (which I think is very generous to be honest).

    Yes I know GM is not perfect, I mean for crying out loud it's got me as a deputy "leader" :o ......but it tries to accomodate and help where it can, but there is always, always room for improvement. I hope people feel they can speak freely on the forums without fear of intimidation or retribution. I hope people feel they belong to a community and feel there views are listened too and respected. Most of all I hope people have fun on our servers and feel they have acheived something via the game servers be it a good kpd, highest points, a run of stage captures or winning matches. These are my hopes and ambitions for this clan.

    Regarding the teams, I personally want them to do well as I know a few of you guys , but it is up those individuals as to whether they feel that they want to represent GM or not. If they don't then GM has still got a load of work to do and "constructive critisim" is always welcome.


    PS sorry to have highjacked your thread drew!!!
  7. eoN

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    I agree with all of that especially:

    I just wish that GM would let the team leader/s lead their team, no "back-seat driving" ;) (I think this is kinda a "unwritten rule" but some of the leaders / deputy leaders seem to be forgetting this)

    I dont mean they shouldnt have an input but they should voice their input to Pissmidget (for F related stuff) rather than posting in the F section (as an example), Piss is one of the best leaders i know and I think i shouldnt really be saying this in here but dont really have anywhere else to put it :P But yeah, leave Fs leading to Piss, he knows what hes doing and if people have suggestions for F I'd say tell piss, see what he says then if he agrees post in the F section...

    (Lots of people will have no idea what im on about but everyone that can see the F section should ;))

    EDIT: Trying not to sound an elitest but what i mean is F is F and we represent GM through choice but we don't seem to get much respect for that.

    EDIT: Also get a bloody suggestion forum bit! For all of GM's community and clan to post in ;) As seen as GM has a community of about 2 thousand its a waste to ignore that... (i mean like a seperate section like a suggestion box or somin)
  8. Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    Yes it is an unwritten rule and one which I am quite happy to abide by, and I will not vote on F team votes or post on their forums, unless I find something offensive, racist or abusive to other members (which I very much doubt). I would encourage the other "leaders" to do the same.

    Is it F or GM'F, I guess that is the question isnt it, and only you guys can answer this. I am not sure where you feel the disrespect to the team has come from? By all means post something to the leaders demonstrating this and we will try and stamp this out if/where it exists. PLease don't post on this thread.

    We have got an area where suggestions should be posted but is sounds like its not obviously clear to members where it is. We will sort something out. :)
  9. Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    CORE did not do it ! He talked to me and (afaik) other leaders and deputies.

    He didn't kick you but he did threaten to get you kicked.

    eoN watch your mouth about core, he had every right to do that and I am just a click away from removing your access to post.

    Oh and Drew mate, application pending - bear the GM-Recruit "[GM-R]" tag with pride !
  10. Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    Thanks Alpha, i will do it when i get home. Last day at work then i get a whole week off. :P TF2 here i come. Looks like this post got a little heated/off topic. :)

    Anyway look forward to playing more pugs. Thanks to disco for getting me the invite on that, Hope all have a good xmass and get what they want. :)
  11. eoN

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    Alpha this isnt about Core its about you voting in the F section and posting suggestions etc, theres an unwritten rule (that Core knew about) hense why core hardly even posted in the F section...

    Also grow up and dont threaten me, ive left GM and im not going to put up with your immature threats so keep them to yourself.

    And i KNOW he didnt kick me from GM im the bloody one that left ffs...

    Try to read before posting Alpha...
  12. Bun

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    +1 eoN...

    Btw, four out of eight members in F isn't in GM. That's kinda wierd.. :P
  13. Re: Random BS

    Cleaned up the shit from djshrew's topic - feel free to move it if I chose the wrong forum to put this in.
  14. eoN

    Re: Random BS

    Lol nice to see you encouraging peoples suggestions with such encouraging topic names as "Random BS" ;)
  15. Re: Random BS

    Feel free to change it then.
  16. eoN

    Re: Random BS

    o.O i cant can i :S
  17. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Random BS

    It's your thread.
  18. eoN

    Re: Random BS

    Err okay :s
  19. eoN

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    Tim? And don't take all the credit...
  20. eoN

    Re: DjShrew's Submision. :)

    So me thinking that GM has a big community because it was a good clan was completely unfounded, it was actually all because you made, pritty much, a virus?

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