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    You know it wasn't quite good idea, now i know that gm community is spamfest, becouse half of 2000 are just people who accept everything... >.>
  2. eoN

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    I'd guess about 500 of those will actually be interested in being in a community and 10 will actually want to give something back to GM... Out of 2000....
  3. eoN

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    Im not whining im just saying its unfair to call it a community group if it has nothing to do with the community, if 90% of the people on it are just random people who have been invited by a spam bot that doesnt do anything for GM? There is no upside to it... Apart from to look like you have more friends... if you want to do that go on myspace or some crap but its a bad idea to say "This is our community group" when its not... its just a random group with SOME people from the community but mostly random people that would accept anything...
  4. Quite interesting, you did it and you can't hold responsibility...
  5. eoN

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    Cores not a leader of GM so why would i do that?

    Also its you whos boasting about it ;)

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