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  1. An idea that can change the world. An idea that can Save your Life.

    EH,never mind forget it.

    So how about of adding tags in-game.Tags by own user's idea ex.BestHunter. For each tag like 1-2 recs or more/less depends of a tag.Tags will nothing require. I think it would be a great idea because users would enjoy it and share the servers with other friends. Please not negative comments because It's just an idea haha

    Cheers,your lovely Scorching
  2. I can't make a comment I have no idea what you just said.
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  3. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    You mean that people pay in metal for a tag?
  4. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    Well, if I can deduce what you mean old chum, it's possible to do this for free... The clan supporter tag is a worthy way of advertising these fine servers as it is.

    If you can somehow find a way of extorting doh-rah-mi from it, I'm all ears :P

    Or if you're referring to in server things like "best hunter", it's all subjective really.

    Nice ideas indeed, don't be discouraged if they're not 100% workable ^^
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  5. The thing about "paying" is just for someone to donate.Many other servers want someone to donate them by keys or paypal. In fact that not everyone have paypal or keys to donate , 1-2 recs it's cheap price. And if so it can be free for well-known members.

    What do you think?
  6. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    A lot of servers do a lot of things differently old chap, doesn't mean they're right, especially in regard to sticking their hands out.

    As I said, its not workable (or indeed enticing) to charge people to use a tag. Anything in game is going to be at best gimmicky, at worst a turn-off to some people.
  7. Mole45 Dance Little Liar

    What's a rec?
  8. I think I have managed to translate it, he is saying this:

    He wants to sell tags (like [GM]/|GM| type name tags) on our tf2 serves for 1-2 reclaimed metal each.
  9. Mole45 Dance Little Liar

    Ah, that makes sense.

    Also no, thanks for the suggestion, please continue to enjoy our servers and we welcome any further suggestions but I don't think this will be implemented.
  10. Trekkie "Be Gone Thot!"- GM Management Team 2k17

    "Players can no longer use blast damage to move during the pre-round freeze period"
    Because of the new update can we add back the whole being able to rocket jump and sticky jump before the round starts.
    • Added server convar tf_preround_push_from_damage_enable for servers to utilize the old behavior
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  11. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Why you posting this here?
  12. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    More to the point, since when do rounds end on any of these fine servers?
  13. Trekkie "Be Gone Thot!"- GM Management Team 2k17

    Cause I saw server suggestions in the title?

    Sometimes they end more frequently on orange because certain players have certain mindsets, its just a small nice little thing i would like to keep the same cause i just dont like the change :D
  14. DanCousins Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    Omg, people playing however they want and winning the round on a fun server. How awful.

    @Meh confirmed as literally hitler.

    #OrangeFunPolice #CongaKillinCrew #NoFunAllowed

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