Suggestion for server map "rotations".

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  1. Suggestion for server map "rotations".

    Nothing fancy, no spreadsheets or deep analysis, just an idea.
    My Favorites list is usually looking a bit sad. 0/32 everywhere. :(

    Keep the two pl_goldrush and cp_dustbowl each.
    Change "Map Votes" to 32 or 24 slot cp_gravelpit.
    Change "CP Maps" to 32 or 24 slot cp_well.

    The reason? Maybe I'm just not looking at the right time, but I have never seen anyone on the Map Votes server, :shock: and I have once seen some GM people on the CP Maps server.
    I'm not a big fan of cp_gravelpit, but all in the name of 32/32. :lol:

    I don't know if you guys have thought or talked about this or anything, just my two cents.
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    Custom maps only would be great
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    decant well known custom maps to get the party started
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    we had this discussion on this forums b4. :?

    btw we had all 6 servers full the other day :o


    map votes servers seem not to be getting enough players on :oops:
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    yep, we had that discussion already.
    I am against 32/32 servers, because they are good for n00bish rocket and remote pipe spammers and heavies of course.

    A custom map server would be cool indeed, but with just 2 servers dedicated to non n00b players i prefer non custom only servers. But if we could get rid of the 4 24/7 D.B., G.R. servers then i definitely support the idea of a custom-only server.

    For now i gave it up, and play on GM servers almost only to maintain my rank. When i wonna have fun i play somewhere else.

    BTW: i love the setup of server 6, but because of it being empty all the time, i played on it just once.

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