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Discussion in 'Garry's Mod' started by Mister Spuds, 2 Jan 2015.

  1. Mister Spuds I don't understand what's going on here...

    Considering how we don't have an offical thread for change suggestions I thought I might as well make one (with the encouragement of Cactus) since I have some suggestions to make.

    There are still some icons on the Traitor and Detective menu that still have no icon/icons are still checkered so I'll post a list of icons that are not working:

    • 44. Magnum
    • Taser
    • Silenced TMP
    • 44. Magnum
    • Silenced Sniper
    • Jihad Bomb
    • Trigger Finger Chip
    • Headcrab launcer
    • Silenced TMP
    • Tripwire mine

    Also I'd like to make the suggestion of removing the guns on spawn option. Like Tim has said earlier today that it seems very pay to win and also it removes the whole factor of getting guns that spawn on the map not just guns given to you either based on preference or OP-ness.

    The old system of getting guns that spawned in the map was much better as you had the possibility of having a different gun every round and added a element of randomness to it; sometimes you'd be unlucky enough to only find a sniper-rifle instead of a MAC-10 and that would be that.

    Any suggestions you guys feel could be added or changed to our TTT server post here.

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  2. I am generally against the idea of removing the guns on spawn, a few maps don't have enough guns for everyone and with our server being full a lot that can cause problems. Before the guns on start was added on some maps I would end up with just a pistol to defend myself because of either all the guns were gone or becasue I can't remember ever single obscure gun spawn spot when all the easy to find ones have been taken.
  3. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard

    thats part of the game though, some of my funnest times is where I had to live half a round with a crowbar until i found a corpse with a pistol.

    i think starting with a secondary of your choice could be fine, but it's not fun when you face a 2 traitor that start with a double barrel and you couldn't get a gun in time
  4. Cactus The key is to never give up

    One suggestion was to change the "choose what weapon you spawn with" to "spawn with a random weapon".

    Also I believe all the icons are fine for me, so it may just be spuds with the issue.
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  5. Dan Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    The M16 still only holds 60 ammo max, instead of 75.

    I believe the icons are broken for me too, so it's not just Spuds.

    I think spawning with weapons is a little pay to win, but it doesn't really bother me. I'd suggest maybe only being able to spawn with a pistol or allowing everyone to be able to choose to spawn with a pistol of their choice, not just donators.

    E: Just like to add that I love how the server is going. Much appreciate all the work that goes into it and all the donators for making it possible.
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  6. A few potential options for me, assuming we can't just revert to regular weapons spawns would be

    1) as mentioned, random spawn (so you can't just choose the most effective weapon currently),
    2) give the option to spawn with pistols only - a pistol like a deagle is still potentially very effective
    3) limit the options of primary weapons to spawn with to basic weapon variants e.g. m4, mac 10, scout and basic auto shotty. Make people search for the better stuff.
    4) lots of work goes into balancing weapons so that no spawn weapon has the ability to overpower other players significantly - honestly as discussed today you could this by simply nerfing/removing the striker as the weapon is just a total point and click win gun in its current iteration. Every other weapon feels clunky in its own way while the striker has a very distinct ability to kill anyone with 1-3 seconds at any range up to about 30 yards with very little aim and a clip that lasts longer on full auto than most other automatic weapons. That's pretty hard to beat.

    I enjoyed the scavenging feel older versions of the server had previously. It reminded me of playing Goldeneye64- finding nearby weapons and doing what you could with what you had. If someone found the Goldengun or Bazooka, the power-spike was brief and often amusing, and anyone could experience it. There was also a great sense of variety as people had to change plans on the fly, rather than always have a guaranteed fighting plan.

    I also just like the concept of donating = cosmetic bonuses, rather than any real power.
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  7. Here's the thing though - I specifically don't want weapons to be considered flat out "better" than the others.

    There are a few exceptions - for example, the honey badger will always be slightly inferior to the M4 because due to some workshop bullshit, editing it will require a large download for people joining the server.

    When the we got all the new weapons introduced, we had some weapons that were completely useless (the deagle literally outclassed the remington in everything except rate of fire - magazine, damage, accuracy, you name it), we had weapons that were simply too bugged and were causing people to unintentionally RDM (rail rifle), OP as fuck weapons (double barrel), etc.

    The rifles/SMGs are still a bit imbalanced, and the HUGE is still useless, but they are only 1-2 tweaks away from being very good, and none of them stand out as gamebreaking at the moment.

    The problem is currently the shotguns - striker in particular. The shotguns were a bit trickier to balance, since I had to take pellets as well as damage into account, and recoil didn't matter much because with the main shotgun you had time to readjust between shots, and the double barrel was one shot and reload.

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that shotgun damage is calculated a bit more complicatedly, the striker/default shotty turned out to be a lot stronger than I wanted it to be. I have since fixed the normal shotty, but the striker remains a problem.

    I ask that you guys give me one more patch to try and fix the striker, before we start removing weapons from the game. I'm struggling with uni at bit at the moment so I can't promise I'll do it tonight but I'll get it done ASAP.

    That being said, if you have any more feedback regarding weapon balance, please let me know.
  8. I think the problem is also the maps we play, we usually play maps which are close quarters or huge distances which is where a traitor will want to kill you from, either very far away or close enough for them to kill you fast enough you cant call a kos which the shotguns excel at. But even at close range I have lost to people using the m4/mac10, I still think they need a buff especially more medium range weapons.
  9. Cactus The key is to never give up

    14:57 - [GM] Cactus:
    14:57 - [GM] Cactus: that was the map
    14:57 - [GM] Cactus: it's quite large, but it is smaller than black mesa imo
    14:58 - [GM] Cactus: this one is slightly smaller

    E: I have not yet tested this map, I actually tested v2 so I will test this one later.

    I have yet to test this map but it looks cool

    There are a few other maps I have subscribed to and will test some time today.
  10. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

  11. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Have we?

    I don't remember it at all if we did.
  12. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

    Only found out about the weapons on spawn thing yesterday, immediately assumed it was universal until I read this thread just now.

    Terrible, terrible idea that goes against the principle of our servers. It really is pay to win and, like I think Tim was getting at, actually removes a lot of the strategy from the game; instead of having to adapt on the go and constantly throwing away your weapon for something that fits the occasion, it literally encourages a sort of reliance on just using one gun and combat style, all the time, every time. Also, it means that traitors who've payed for guns on spawn have the capacity to start gunning down innos during that first 30secs to 1min which is normally delegated to everyone, including traitors, searching for weapons.

    Also, just my two cents, I don't see the point in all the new weapons. The original Rifle, Shotgun, Assault Rifle and Machine Gun all felt balanced in the fact they had their own separate and unique role to play in game, and which one you picked up depended entirely on your strategy that game as a trait. The influx of new weapons on maps just means that balance is shattered for a bit of new novelty.
  13. Hearth Forever Traitor

    Gotta agree with you here, this is especially true on maps where weapons aren't available immediately.

    Whilst it is an incentive to donate, it's not the kind you want. I believe donation benefits should be purely cosmetic and perhaps you can be given the option to buy a T / D round at a price.
  14. @Falsey

    I think this is a problem only found on small maps, most of the time people are bundled together and going 'gun-ho' is a really silly thing to do. You can find weapons in close proximity to the spawn area and so it isn't difficult to find a weapon. The most powerful weapons are actually the 'stock' weapons with the exception of the honey badger. It actually increases the amount of guns that the other players recieve.

    It isn't fair but it isn't a major disadvantage and certainly isn't pay to win. Gaw needs incentive for players to donate.

    Also the point about the new weapons is that, new players LOVE the weapons and so do most of the regulars. I was playing in our server with 28 players on minecraft with many players going mad over the new weapons and saying how fun and cool they were. I for one love the diversity the new weapons provide and adds a new element from the ordinary M16, Shotgun and Mac primary weapons.
  15. Hearth Forever Traitor


    I agree that more diversity than just your basic 5 is needed, for identifications sake - if you're smart enough to recognise what sound each unique gun is making, you can very quickly identify your suspects should they be in the area.

    But on maps that are lacking in weapons, the problem still arises as donators are already locked and loaded before you can get your first grenade. I personally think it's not too much of a deal due to the good selection of maps we have, but there might need to be a few extra weapon spawns thrown in on a few maps.

    Maybe do a poll and we can vote for them over the course of a few weeks and someone could spend an afternoon making weapon spawns? That way we keep donators happy, new people keen to open their wallets and regular players happy with grabbing a gun and able to defend themselves.
  16. @Hearth

    I can't really think of any maps from the top of my head apart from Lost Temple in which there is a little Treck to the Sniper spawn room and the other weapons around the center of the map. Airbus has that huge table, and other maps have a large abundance of weapons such as skyscraper. Remember that the round takes 30 seconds to start, I would say plenty of time to find a weapon that is suitable. I think the only problem you could find on a map is Lost Temple and that could be easily recitified.
  17. Hearth Forever Traitor

    @Dogling Kakariko suffers a little from this with large amounts of players, but I agree that the map selection on the server is already top notch. We should try Peach's Castle, although it is HUGE.
  18. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Scar Island is one where it will take a good minute to get a weapon - aside from a pistol and the one lucky person who gets the spawn weapon. The rest of the people must go up the lighthouse (usually only 3~ people can get to the elevator at the start, if that) or scramble around the map for a weapon.
  19. Potential upcoming changes:


    Magazine: 25 > 30


    Magazine: 20 > 30
    Fire Rate: Slight increase.

    Mac 10:

    Damage: Slight increase.

    Some points of note:

    One: I am increasing the magazine to both assault rifles to 30 to be on par with other automatic weapons. This is for two main reasons: first off, balancing automatic weapons while also taking their mag size into account was a right pain in the ass, and having a consistent magazine size means an automatic weapons' particular strengths and weaknesses are more easily identified and worked around.

    Second of all, throughout all this balancing it's become extremely obvious (thanks to useful feedback from @Mister Spuds, @dukeofcrumpet, @LewyJudge12 and @Hooch) that shotguns are (finally) in a balanced state, however while they still outperform everything close range (as they should), they still have the advantage in prolonged firefights. Having a larger magazine size on these assault rifles -should- make it so missing a few shots versus a shotgun isn't so incredibly punishing.

    Two: I think I can safely say that the Carbine's role as THE long range automatic weapon is well established. However it's very obvious that even though it's not supposed to be as good as a medium-range weapon as the M4, it still falls way too far behind it that I'd like it to for an assault rifle. Therefore, I'm slightly increasing its fire rate. I will be keeping a very close eye on this to make sure it doesn't out DPS the M4 close range and make it obsolete.

    Three: It appears that amidst all these changes, the Mac 10 has apparently fallen behind, even though I initially gave it a damage boost of 2 damage/bullet. Just like the Carbine was a slightly underpowered love child of the rifle and m4, the same can be said for the Mac 10 and the Tec9/M4. People pick the Tec9 for close range, and the M4 for medium. Therefore, I'm slightly increasing this damage on it to make sure that it remains a powerful weapon in the 10m-20m range, while Tec9 stays ideal at 0-10m and M4 at 20-30m.

    Four: The Striker seems to be in a good spot now, it has more DPS than the Shotgun but a lower range, and I feel it's in a good spot now. If you have any feedback regarding it still, please let me know.

    Five: This is the last time I'm directly buffing weapons. There has been a slight power-creep in weapons (as indicated by the Mac 10 being considered UP even after being buffed by 2 damage). I'm not worried about the average power level of guns going up a bit - it's allowed for the knife to be a one-hit kill again without being OP as fuck, and has allowed a wider diversity of stronger traitor weapons. However, the Tec9 is the fastest I ever want a gun to kill someone, anything faster than that (exclusing the DB, of course) will be nerfed.

    Six: There are certain weapons that are obsolete but at the same time can't be edited as they would require a large download due to some Steam Workshop fuckery. I will be removing these weapons for the sake of balance.

    Seven: Still have not decided what direction I'm taking with the H.U.G.E. guys, sorry.

    Finally: These changes have not gone through yet. If you guys have feedback regarding these changes, now's the time to speak up. Thanks.
  20. How about a sort of trivia system?
    After x amount of rounds, for example after every 3 rounds, there will be a trivial question for the players who are dead.
    The questions will be about Gaming-Masters and Garry's Mod.

    Scenario: After 3 rounds, the question is announced to the dead players of the 4th round.
    Currently me, spuds, cactus, reaver and gaw is dead and gaw answers the question the fastest. Gaw receives 10 tokens -> the tokens will then be used to be exchanged in Pointshop 2 to be turned into slot machine tokens. The tokens can be used for the 10 points category which the max you can get is 2500 points and worst you can get is 100.

    I think this way it's best to combat the flaws of this system because you don't get too many points and it's based on RNG.


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