Suggestions about the new forums

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  1. Suggestions about the new forums

    I dunno, i felt we should have a thread like this, instead of making thousands of topics.

    My suggestion: Darki, can u see if u can get that whatchamacall it. Ehrm, the links to the different forums uve visisted? the links above the "user cp" link. U know so u can go back to the start of the forum?

    Aye anyways, those links, see if u can fix it so theyre displayed at the bottom of the post as well :3 <3
  2. Darki, is it possible to mark all threads as read? I've got 199 new posts, all imported from the old forum and I can't seem to see any way to get them off the new posts thing. :(
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

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  4. Aha, you're a genius! Many thanks!
  5. Yup, coming right up as soon as I figure out the right template modifications :P
  6. LienK Wat

    Are we still a clan? Or a private community? In case of the latter I would suggest we change the text below the avatars of the members in this group. And perhaps change "Member" to "Community Member"
    <--- Somewhere over there. It says clan member. (Edit: damn, says Server Admin now, bad example...)
  7. Yeah I'll sort that out :)
  8. kudos on the bottom-links, good job
  9. Ray


    Close admin applications. It's like giving out guns to children. Already explained why I don't want admin apps open. Can't b bothered to type it out again, on the phone.
  10. LienK Wat

    Aye to that.

    (And I realise this may sound weird coming from me now that I just applied :P)
  11. Ray

    I also beleve the applied admins should have their powers revoked because we had enough admins as it is.

  12. Well you been here for a long while, and you should have applied along time too.

    I have no problems with you been admin :D

    but still we got enough admins, even though there not on the server, there will be at least 2/3 online.
  13. Spykodemon Disabled account

    To be honest, if this idea was accepted, you'll be first to go because all I ever see you do is spam sniper sounds and initiate scramble votes under your own accord.

    We want GM to look somewhat mature.
  14. Also, i would like the option to see all the smileys available within the radius of the reply window :P. Cuz i never know what letters and symbols to use to get what smiley :<
  15. Lienk is one of the most awesome people here - he's been here FAR longer than you or I have - it was just a matter of time before he got it anyway :3

    As for the rest - time will tell. We did loose all the old leaders just now so their admin needs to be given to someone else anyway :P

    Although I do believe that it should be closed now :3
  16. now what? no offence, you want GM to look mature then sort out the recruitment system! that what u want? srsly/

    teh admins, play sounds for fun to excited the mood up on servers especially db and this mostly occurs in the beginning and end of the stages. enough said.

    scramble vote is entered when every1(well most ppl) wants to scramble. also after two rounds when the same team went thought three stages and pawnd the red team. the same thing happens over and over, it gets boring... so scramble any1?

    and for the lulz, kicking ur self to death etc. again it happens in the beginning.... blah blah etc doesnt happen every sec.

    sry I had to say this. we could continue this in admin section or here.
  17. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Suggestions about the new forums

    How does the recruitment system reflect GM's maturity? :allears:
  18. Re: Suggestions about the new forums

    I think FastJohn is saying that the recruitment system at the moment is massively flexible - it's changing on an almost hourly basis and people are getting confused and some are leaving because of the sudden perceived loss of stability. I can see why the managers/admins are getting annoyed about it.

    If I was going to recommend anything, I'd suggest a sitdown with the existing admins and regulars and discuss the whole thing in a separate thread. Stick it in the admin section, the rest of us don't need to add to that discussion, as there are public threads already that give us an outlet for that. Take your time discussing - this isn't something that can be sorted to the satisfaction of the greatest number of people overnight, so take a couple days at least to go through everything.

    Freeze the current recruitment process/criteria and when something has been definitively decided THEN post it in the stickied recruitment thread and let everyone know.

    Just my 2p.
  19. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Suggestions about the new forums

    I agree. <3

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