'SUP atm?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by waebi, 4 May 2008.

  1. 'SUP atm?

    I totally respect that Core has a heart operation soon and so we don't have scrims for about 2-4 weeks. REALLY.
    But have you ever looked at that?
    we are about 35, and I bet my ass, end of this month we will be 40. 40 players, everyone of them with his own way to play, with his own skills and his own favourite class/es. We are not longer a "clan", we are a community. I don't know if there is any clan who plays 16v16 games, mostly it would be 5-8 per team.

    Actually I don't want to say anything, just a little "wassup atm".
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    My original plan was to splt the clan into groups for clan matches.
  3. Re: 'SUP atm?

    yes, but there would be only 2 possibilities:
    1. Make a "pro" clan and 2 fun ones
    2. Shuffle us all into 2-3 different match-clans.

    Possibility 1 sounds nice, but I can't really get comfortable with the idea that many players may think "what teh fuck, Core/whoever is a bitch, I am pro, why ain't I in the PRO group". And matches to find out who are the better players? Kidding?
    #2 is even worse, since the better ones would like to play more and harder, and they wouldnt like the other players who aren't *that* good.
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    Re: 'SUP atm?

    Yeah this is why I split out of GL, to many members. :|
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    We definitely need applications to be more strict, and a pro team sounds good. I'll make a new board for pro team applications and all the necessary changes in the code and database for the site and forums.

    Suggestions for pro team tag:

  6. Bun

    Re: 'SUP atm?

    [GM] |Pros
    gM| |Those little assholes :lol:
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    You cant split up around Skill, its all about Teamplay, and freinds.
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    that's what I said, but I just had another one in the GR server who asked for membership, and so on.
  9. Re: 'SUP atm?

    Splitting the clan into "categories" I don't think is a good idea. It will cause envy, hatred and disgust.

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