t3rribl3on3 leaving GM :O

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by t3rribl3on3, 15 May 2008.

  1. t3rribl3on3 leaving GM :O

    im sorry to say but i think i am going to leave GM as the way it seems at the moment im not going to be playing at all pretty much and dont really have time to do any clan things either. I personally am a little sad to leave but i dont think it is fair to stay due to lack or participation. however even tho i am going to leave the clan i still wanna keep in touch with you all etc and be mates cos your all top ppl i just dont feel i have the time to actually justify being in a clan atm and i feel that my place could be better utilized more by a member who participates more so than myself.

    I would like to wish GM all the best in the future and i will still be keeping in touch an posting here if only on a social basis. I know youll do well as you have the skills, just keep building on your comms and teamwork.

    Ill still be about so if you ever want ot chat ill be there.

    All the best from a sad t3rribl3on3
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    Did you read the clan section? We have plenty of matches in the next few days, we can even scrim us self every day :-/
    c'mon, think about it again.
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    the whole thing is i just dont have the time to do these things, and i really need to get my personal life sorted out and that has to come first im afraid.
  4. Bun

    Re: t3rribl3on3 leaving GM :O

    The real life is calling. :P
    Well, hope you have time to play on the servers alittle now and then. Cya later sometime. <3
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    Come back.. when you got time to play TF2 with us again.. Dont leave, just go inactive.
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    ack@above. we all know your skills and that you are a good player. Take your time, I take mine too atm (not as active as before.)
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    Shame to see you go. Hopefully you can come back whenever you get more free time for TF2. Know what it's like, I'm suffering from impending A2 exams. Quite the drain on my game time.
    Don't be a stranger. :)
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    I can understand that! You are at an important age. Study or School is finished (or comes to an end). You have to think of a new home, family, job... I don't know what exactly is going in your life, but i'm sure u have your reasons. I wish you the best for your personal life, and hope everything will turn out well.

    (And i'm sure you are welcome whenever you feel ready to come back)
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    EDIT: i thought t3rribl3on3 owns the koth barn map! :lol: but i was wrong!

    btw good luck t3rribl3on3! ;)
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    Cya arround! (I better do :-p )

    {Hugs} lool
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    thanks, hopefully i cent get everything sorted out soon. i need to thats for sure.

    All the best to GM and its members i wish you great success.

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