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Discussion in 'Tekkit Server' started by Rioter, 24 Jul 2012.

  1. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    Tekkit 3.1 has been released.


    GM Minecraft #3 Tekkit Server is now on Tekkit 3.1.2


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  2. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    If the server updates, will the map reset?
  3. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    No. Map stays intact.

    Server is currently updating. Spotted no-one on it so took advantage.
  4. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    Server has now been updated

    You may need to force dev updates on the technic launcher in order to get the update. I know I had to.
  5. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    Edit: Crafting Table III has been removed because it is currently incompatible (very buggy), and will probably be re-added in the future.
    Edit2: Make sure you turn off your sound if you visit my place, otherwise I pray for your ear drums.

    Oh god, training dummies and cannons are back.

    Note: MFFS is Immibis's Forcefields, not sure why its there twice, MFFS stands for Modular Forcefields.

    Previous tekkit mod versions: (for those which have been updated)
    IC2: v1.95b
    nei: v1.2.2
    ic2-nuclearcontrol: v1.1.6
    immibis core: v48.2.1
    iron chests: v3.3.1.21
    railcraft: v5.2.4
    tubestuff: v48.2.1
    wrcbe: v1.2.1 (wireless redstone, chickenbones edition)
    ee2: v1.4.5.1

    Immibis's Modular Forcefields:

    Balkon's Weapon Mod:

    Changelog highlights:

    Industrial craft: v1.95 -> v1.97:
    Added audio damping by blocks (thank god)
    Fixed jetpacks in SMP - finally! (should be good)
    Fixed nano/quantum suits getting immediately destroyed by sabers (no more killing nano suit wearers...)
    Fixed crop trampling behavior on SMP - if you still have this issue, please tell us (how to make a happy helljack)
    Fixed quantum boots not absorbing fall damage (no more leg breaking sounds when landing)
    Fixed sounds not respecting the Minecraft volume (thank god)
    Teleporters can teleport item drops and minecarts (I'm sure someone can think of a cool use for this)
    Recipes for the following items rebalanced: Teleporter, MFE, MV Transformer, HV Transformer, OV Scanner (don't know what the new recipes are)
    Added partial compatibility with Timber and Treecapitator (sounds good if we can get treecapitator working again)

    ic2-nuclearcontrol: v1.1.6 -> v1.1.10b:
    Added information panels and accompanying items (similar to computercraft's monitors, except they display information on your reactor's status.)
    New sounds can be added to the alarms (will need to be added both client and server side though, but this could mean there are more sounds by default)

    iron chests: v3.3.1.21 -> v3.8.0.40:
    Chest hitbox now matches the size of the chest, so you can access the block below, behind etc., the chest.
    New chest upgrader that will upgrade vanilla chests to iron or copper.

    railcraft: v5.2.4 -> v5.3.3:
    NEW: Added Water Tank, a 3x3x3 structure that generates water over time (amount based on biome and other factors). Place a Liquid Loader next to it to fill carts (no Buildcraft Pipes required, but pipes will work just as well).
    NEW: Added Sheep Detector, filters sheep by shearability and wool color. (easily the most important update to tekkit)
    CHANGE: Multi-Block structures now only test for a valid structure when a change to a nearby block is detected. (you can build structures out of coke oven bricks without much worry now)
    FIX: Anchor Aura now works with World Anchors in SMP. (previously only worked with the anchor carts)
    CHANGE: Bore block type mining checks are now disabled by default, can be enabled via config. Does not affect current installs, only new ones. (can't say it seemed to care that it was mining though nikolite and other ores when I tried previously)

    Tubestuff: v48.2.1 -> v49.1.1:
    Added incinerator (a safe alternative to a lava pit; pipe stuff to it) and duplicator (duplicator should be disabled by default, it acts like a chest with an infinite of a certain item in it).
    Added retrievulators (not sure how these work, but can only be used with redpower's retrievers)
    Can shift right click to place blocks on the blocks added by the mod, instead of opening their gui
    Various minor improvements in the way the automatic crafting table 2 works
    Black hole chests supposedly less buggy in SMP now (probably still disabled by default)

    wrcbe: v1.2.1 -> v1.2.2.3:
    cpu optimisations (not much really)

    EE2: v1.4.5.1 -> v1.4.6.5:
    Bugfix: Mercurial Eye can now properly use the various wooden planks (excellent)
    Change: Nerfed the size of Pillar Mode on the Mercurial Eye (Was: HUGE, Now: 3/6/9/12 depending on charge level) (HUGE is definitely correct)
    Change: Nerfed the EMC value of BuildCraft Oil Buckets (Was: 17152, Now: 2816) (using oil fabricators to generate emc is pointless now, not that anyone did this, but just saying)
    Added: EE2-NEI tooltip helper - If you have NEI installed you can mouse over items to see their EMC values (very nice)
    Change: Nerfed the EMC value of IC2 Uranium (Was: 49152, Now: 4096) (was fun while it lasted :P)
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  6. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.


  7. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Actually, with this new update...we might want to consider starting a new map.

    Just a notion, but with some blocks being removed and changed it could cause problems for some players.

    I might be wrong, but it's something to consider.
  8. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    But fixing said things is easier than starting all anew, right?
  9. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Dunno. If someone has/had an item in a chest or in their base and it's been destroyed...it may break their chunk.

    I've seen that happen before.

    We'll have to wait and see if anything breaks.
  10. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    Hmm, sounds nasty.

    Well, here's to hoping that won't happen...

    If the map does need to be reset, can buildings and such be backed up?
  11. Cactus The key is to never give up

    but I just started my new island :<
  12. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    My Swiftwolf's Rending Gale (flying ring) doesn't work anymore?

    EDIT: From what I can gather from Google, it has always cost fuel to use... But mine never did consume fuel. Well, it did, if I had any fuel on me, but it worked perfectly fine without.

    Can this please be patched or somesuch? So that it doesn't take fuel to fly? Seeing as this is a creative server (as in, no killing, griefing, et cetera) so to say, and I'd say the ring is essential (it technically isn't, but it does reduce work by a huge amount) to build some stuff.
  13. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    Shouldn't need to start afresh, they haven't even made a map converter for this update.

    If we do come across any problems, I think we should try and handle them as they come up, all of the crafting table III's look like they have been removed without any problems, and that's the only real change to the world.

    Speed, just make a klein star, even the lowest one, which stores 50K EMC, is capable of keeping you permanently flying for just over 130 minutes if you use it from full to empty. Just for comparison, a fully charged Klein star omega would be able to keep you in the air for over a quarter of a year.
  14. Fire ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAN

    Or just make Ring of Arcana
  15. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    Yeah, I made an Arcana one, you know I dislike fuel-consuming stuff. :P

    130 minutes seem like alot, but hey, I spend my whole day on Tekkit. A quarter of a year, on the other hand... A bit excessive. :P

    Anyway, thank you guys!
  16. Speed, I'll get to working on making an omega, I think I'm at the third to last so far.

    Anyway - I need some help, I updated Tekkit but when I try to login it says:

    Must have forge build #136+ (4096 fix) to connect to this server.

    Any help?
  17. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    go to options in your launcher and tick the box next to 'always use development builds', you are prolly still using the old version.
  18. Worked, many thanks!
  19. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    Talisman of repair on an activated dm pedestal, please do not do this for the time being, as there is a bug whereby it spams the console like fuck. Should any problems arise with the server, the console needs to be clear of all these messages.

    I went on a hunt yesterday and disabled those that I found; Samuel3980's and nlspeed's. If you do want to still use these, please remember to turn off the pedestal after using the talisman, or just use the talisman in an alchemical chest/bag.
  20. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    Yeah, I saw your message and removed my Talisman from my Pedestal.

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