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    gj, love the relaxing engie behind the lvl3 SG :P
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    i love your comics huhu-Grendel!.. please make some more?.. ;)
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    thank you :)

    well, I´ve got the materials for an other one, will finish it tomorrow I think.

    the start of a real story :D
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    Thank Chaotica the comics are now updated with better language :D
  5. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

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    Hehe no probs matey
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    Scout = Hyperactive

    Dr. Acid says:

    Scout needs some


    BTW: nice comics grend, make some more....BUT DONT FORGET THE SEXY ENGIE GIRL!

    Thank you :mrgreen:
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    Gmod huh ?

    Nice, must have to much free time on your hands :(
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    Very good, I want to see more! :)
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    arr, everyone wants a new comic, but I am just to lazy to do something :D

    But for the waiting time, here an other one I made :D

    It was thougt as a train on gm_botmapv2, and I will do it again on a TF 2 map, then it will look better I think :D

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    Sentrytruck not recomended for use in small spaces or on high cliffs.



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