[TF2 Blog] PASS Time Federation Season 3

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    The PASS Time Federation is opening sign-ups for their third season! With new twists and changes, Season 3 is looking for players itching to try out something special! Even if you've played PASS Time before, you'll want to check it out!

    The new season won’t start until both the NA and EU branches have their team slots full (8 teams for each), but if the number of qualified teams reaches 24 then the divisions will be split into NA/EU High and Low. There will be in-game medals and a prize pool of keys for the first place team!

    Sign-ups are already underway! Registration will run until August 27th, so gather your mates for a rousing 3-4 weeks of deadly soccerhockeybasketball!

    Join the PASS Time Federation Discord for more information, and get ready to PASS some Time!

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