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    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    wow a lot of replies there

    GJ th
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    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    I wonder why this has so little interest in our community... come on lads, think! Its for the best of all.
  4. Ash

    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    "If you reload your revolver while disguised, your disguise will appear to reload. Try to have 1 less bullet in your revolver so you can do this trick. -- from CannibalBob"

    I never knew that ;o .. when ever ive seen someone reloading I haven't spy checked them because i've always pressumed they can't be a spy..

    Could add something about the controls options for the medic's where you can choose between healing to stop after releasing mouse button or after targeting new patient.. not everyone knows its there... not to everyones taste but I prefer it like that allows you to switch between the people your healing faster.

    Also soldier section:
    If fighting a pyro and theres no way to juggle him away from you (say for example up against a wall and the only way out is backwards) rocket jumping away to create distance can be useful in some situations.

    Jumping while shooting rockets give an easier angle to hit the targets feet.

    Scout: if you have flanked around the back of a group of people prioritising on taking out the medic and running away can leave the group vunerable to the rest of your team completly ruining any push they might have been planning.

    ^^^ Probably haven't worded these very well but I think you'll probably understand what i mean.


    Reading through the topic I noticed alot of people in the topic don't know how the crit system works..

    All wepons have a base chance to crit, which is fixed per weapon 2% for all non-melee weapons, 15% for melee.
    Your crit rate increases up to a maximum of 10% based on the amount of damage you've done to enemies in the last 20 seconds.

    Hence why classes like soldier/demo get alot of crits because of the amount of splash damage they do in a short period of time.
  5. Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    Some good tips here -- another one I would say for the demo:

    When fighting head on with another class, sticky the ground behind them and allow them to push you back a little, but don't just detonate the stickies! Leave them there as a trap and switch to your grenade launcher to force the enemy back to the stickies, who are often forgetful that you've placed them there. Once they've walked back far enough KABOOM.

    That's what I do anyway when I'm in a tight spot. ;) Just remember to strafe from right to left to avoid being hit and you can easily escape just about anything coming your way :P

  6. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    I recently found an awesome spy tactic.

    Find an enemy standing somewhere near a dispenser that is upgraded to level 3 and stay invisible. Look at them and scream "the.... " " .. is a spy" or whatever it will be depending of what you're disguised as. They will see your name saying it with the other teams color and will begin to look for you. Stay on the dispenser til someone is close then jump off, run around a bit and go back. Keep doing that will keep them confused.

  7. Th-

    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    LOL fromage... playing mind games with the enemy is so pro and satisfying...

    Yep, a very good tactic. Could it be more general?
    "As a soldier, rocketjump away from a no-win situation." How is this?
    I'd put this in General section:
    "When flanking an enemy group, hitting the medic first and retreating will leave them vulnerable for further assaults from your team." What say you?
    It also gives your enemy easy time predicting your movement, I'd avoid this against soldiers and demomen. So...
    "Jumping while shooting rockets give an easier angle to hit the targets feet, but against soldiers and demomen it also makes your movement predictable."

    Yeah your tip is leet Savage. It might need some serious reforming, since it can also apply to stickies that enemy has not noticed etc.

    What you say about crits is true... but I wouldn't like to mention anything about random crits. I just feel they don't fit the real skill game. That is just me though
  8. Ash

    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    Yea the changes you made make better sence then what I typed :D lol

    It could be a useful thing to note in the mechanics section though because if someone is playing in a server with crits on you can roughly predict when your going to get some crits.. i've found playing on the dustbowl server that I almost always get 1 crit or more if im shooting rockets into groups of people or if im on a killing spree.

    So if you know you've done alot of damage in a short amount of time you can be sure your gunna be shooting a crit out soon so that you dont waste it on a rocket jump or something :D
  9. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    Two medic advices as well.

    Always look at others than the one you heal, it will appear in the middle of the screen even if you're turned backwards. I never aim my healing gun at the person I'm healing, instead I'm boosting all the other players (even engineers, spies, snipers) instead of giving 1 player 150% at fulltime. By doing that your uber can fill up in less then 1 minute because the "overhealing" counts as fast healing like the one you get on injured people/at spawn startup. By looking around chances of spoting a spy is big too, I don't mind getting behind 3 medics in a tunnel and stab them since they often don't look back, but I always do. :)

    The biggest major problem I see is a medic healing one person at 150% rate and it takes more than 2 minutes (2-2½ times longer than someone that is hurt) to get a full uber when the person is filled with health.

  10. Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    I wish I had Team Fortress 2, I've seen much videos of it, seems great.

    I'm maybe gonna buy it. :D

    Anyways, thanks for making hints and tips.

    And ehm, I will maybe first get "Half-life²: Episode one" and Episode two.

    Sorry if I said things who not belong to this topic.

    Greetz, ProStyle592.
  11. Ash

    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    lol! I hate you :(

    <3 I think you were the only person stopping me half the time from taking down your whole team.. they should be thankful you were there.. once you left me and Ben dominated xD

    You have pro reactions even at point blank or coming from above with a rocket jump you block every single rocket back at me lol..

    Half the time I found myself rocketjumping away from you for safety and you were blowing my bloody rocketjump rockets back in my face lol..
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    How about:
    As a heavy in the thick of the fighting, prioritise your targets going by which are of the most danger to you, and your medic. For example, medics > close spies > close pyros > close scouts > heavies > demomen > soldiers > snipers > engineers.
    Concentrate on one target for as long as you safely can to inflict maximum damage.
    This sort of tactic, although basic and pretty obvious, can turn the tide in a furious battle.

    I have found:
    As a solo demoman against skilled scouts, stickies close to your own feet may be the better alternative...

    As a demoman, learn the varying distances you must lead a speeding target with your grenade launcher

    Can't think of any more for the moment..
  13. Th-

    Re: TF2 hints and tips: Advanced

    Good tips sandy, but I think they could use some rewording or even turning them into more general direction

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