TF2 Nations Cup Final

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by troot, 19 Nov 2009.

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    Sweden and Finland always have the best players. :(

    Need more English pros to live up to it's name :)
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    agreed, we missed Byte far too much and that shouldn't be the case
  4. well, not really, at the same time had sweden had a full active team there is no doubt in my mind that their semi-final versus england would have been a complete roll. I also disagree that byte should have been seeing as numlocked fitted in with the other england players(he's aggressive) unlike turtletacstic byte

    As for the final itself, it was a good game and recommend you watch the VOD or the stv demo, especially granary and gravelpit seeing as badlands was abit of a roll. Unfortunate for sweden that lezek was completely out of his depth but at they had ryb and bybben(a.k.a rybben) to clutch.

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