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  1. TF2 RP Suggestions

    Post your suggestions for TF2 RP here - the old topic was getting too cluttered. if you don't have a clue what I'm on about. Basically, TF2 RP is intended to be a way to bring skill and match maps into public TF2 spamfests.

    Recent changes:

    • HLStatsX disabled[/*:m:203ubhh2]
    • Friendly fire enabled; anyone you kill on your team will get all your money.[/*:m:203ubhh2]
    • Poison enemy team added (for 3000k) - instantly kills all enemies.[/*:m:203ubhh2]
    • More announcements added.[/*:m:203ubhh2]
    • 500k goes to all people who participate in capping a point.[/*:m:203ubhh2]
    • Default map changed to fastlane, but it works equally well on any of the other 5-CP match maps.[/*:m:203ubhh2]
  2. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    what you do on the server;

    you start off with 550k and after killing a player you get 500k, what you must do is play asusuall but buy your weapons yourself. you start off with an engi with a wrench (kritz are off i think) and you can give cash to players by typing status in console taking their number (e.g #1) the one and type /givemoney 1 1000.

    the classes are all the classes but must buy at the speach bubble

    the speach bubble (aka shop)
    the speach bubble is the shop, look at it and stand close to it and type "buy" in the chat or in console "bind b buy" and press b while looking the bubble shop :) you get many options such as buy health. buy ammo. buy class, poison team and buy uberchage, there arnt many things to do YET but thats why there must be suggestions :)

    this is just a brief idea on what to do.
  3. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    Just to make how the kill points work more clear:

    • 100k for killing an engineer building[/*:m:c3adnprf]
    • 150k for a kill assist (regardless of either person's class)[/*:m:c3adnprf]
    • 200k for killing an enemy Engineer/Wrench when you are a proper class.[/*:m:c3adnprf]
    • 300k for killing a proper class when you are also a proper class.[/*:m:c3adnprf]
    • 500k for killing anyone while you are a Engineer/Wrench.[/*:m:c3adnprf]
  4. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    Coming soon: (tomorrow probably :P)

    • More cheap class choices (most likely melee-only)[/*:m:11h9r7nu]
    • Support for proper sourcemod name parameters in /givemoney (parts of names, @all, #id etc.) rather than just user id.[/*:m:11h9r7nu]
    • /give as an alias of /givemoney[/*:m:11h9r7nu]
    • Teleport to a control point of your choice (1000k?)[/*:m:11h9r7nu]
    • Particle effects and shit for various shop actions (changed class, opened shop menu, etc.)[/*:m:11h9r7nu]
    • Text explaining what to do in huge letters on the screen when you join.[/*:m:11h9r7nu]
  5. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    I LOVE all the changes. I tried it out with a couple of people tonight and it was much fun. Will be great with a good number of people...lots of variables with needing/having to buy certain classes to progress, ect. Love the friendly fire change, fantastic idea. Only thing I might change would be make the 'bottom tier' purchases be sniper/SMG and engineer/pistol or engineer/shotty. Make scout a little more expensive...the speed can be a little overpowering in small games. I guess it wouldn't be a big deal in bigger games. And perhaps look at letting the cash rollover for a few rounds, then have a cash restart, or something along those lines. Best two out of three seems natural.

    My idea goes like this. It's simply called 'Team Purchases' in which, through a collaborative purchase, teams can change certain variables in the map. For example, if one team had enough money, they could vote to turn off all ammo and health refills for a couple of minutes, or maybe double all damage, or go to melee only, ect. Or maybe even gravity. You could even have a gravity change purchase, that a team might want to take because their current setup favors lower gravity, or higher gravity, ect. Or maybe something like 'Entire team is uber for ten seconds' or something like that. Again, I don't even know if something like that is possible, but I could see an amazing moment in a game where by saving up some funds, a team wins the map in the last thirty seconds through a savvy team purchase. Would make things quite a bit more intense I think. :)

    Edit: It could be done by something like...a team which players can use a command to deposit excess funds into. Then, someone could use a RTV type command to bring up a voting menu for the team to choose which purchase/bonus.

    I don't know if any of this is even possible within the engine, as I don't know anything about it, but just a suggestion to add another level to the mod. :)
  6. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    You lose all cash if you switch team or suicide, it count as team kill? Or it's allright?
  7. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    Edit: Nevermind, I can't read apparently :P
  8. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    could we get the !rtd plugin? >:) that would be so fun!! "!rtd you have rtd and rolled a 20, you are druged" >:) )
    (reminder: turn hlsatsx off plox or our stats wil be messed up :) )
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    Thinking about the friendly fire thing...consider that a great deal of people are restricted from exploits on TF2 because it's fairly simple, but when you turn friendly fire on with the cash gives people an incentive to get themselves TK'd.

    I can imagine a fair few people would see running infront of their firing teammates as a viable way to gain cash. Not good.
  10. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    I imagine after you get killed by team member, something like vote "Do you want punish your team mate?" "Yes take all cash" "Nope"...
  11. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions


    • Virtually all class/weapon combinations are now available to buy - 5 pages of them.[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • You can now teleport to a random CP for 1500k[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • /give or /givemoney will now work, and you can supply part of a player's name rather than having to get the ID.[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • Money has a 20% chance of being reset each round.[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • You are forced to bind the buy button to move initially - this should help to prevent confusion.[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • 5 second delay added before welcome messages to make them more visible.[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • Friendly fire off[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • Buy Last Class button added[/*:m:1ehq669s]
    • If you have less than 500k at round start, you will be credited the appropriate amount.[/*:m:1ehq669s]
  12. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    > Good
    > Good
    > Still have to tell every new player that joins how to do it. I reckon some thought needs to be put into making this easier to pick up.
  13. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    I'm working on a system which will blank out the screen in a way similar to sm_blind and display instructions of what to do in huge text. :)
  14. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    Set cash 500k when you have less each round is good thing, but then you can give out 500k to someone and get 500k back on round start lol. What to do? :)

    Crits should be ON, becouse without them impossible kill anyone as civillian engi.
  15. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    no crits. :twisted:
  16. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    was on gm #5 lastnight with aloud of people who hate most of the things on it :(!

    one of the things hated: "you can't keep weapons after you die, which really sux" i know how we can prevent this :D! .. maybe having levels! like level one, you start off as engi/wrench(like normal) level 2 engi/wrench/kritz lvl3 scout/bat lvl4 scout/bat/kritz (btw these kritz are the normal % of what you would get ) lvl 5 pyro/axe lvl6 pyro/axe/kritz lvl 7 pyro/axe/kritz/shotgun lvl 7 pyro/axe/kritz/shotgun/flamethorower lvl1. lvl 8 pyro/axe/kritz/shotgun/flamethrower lvl1/unlockable pyros. lvl 9 spy/gun lvl 10 spy/gun/disguise lvl 11 spy/gun/disguise/sapper lvl 12 spy/gun/disguise/sapper/knife lvl 13 spy/gun/sapper/knife/kritz/disguise lvl 14 sniper/knifethingy lvl15 sniper/knifethingy/smg lvl 16 sniper/knifethingy/smg/sniper lvl 18 sniper/knifethingy/smg/sniperrifle(moded with a powerfull beam)/kritz lvl 19 medic/bonesaw/ubersaw lvl 20 medic/ubersaw/bonesaw/dartgun lvl 21 medic/ubersaw/bonesaw/dartgun/medigun

    etc....etc... i know this will take a while to code darki, but this is most likely what people will enjoy! and also make it like 10kils for lvl 2 20kills for lvl 3 etc.. but resets after each lvl and make it so u save ur cash if u do this make it so after u get the lvl u have to pay for it and can change back to the class u was :D!! ye i kno it will take AGES for it to be coded but it is AWSM SAUCE!!! that was the only reason i can remember why people dont want on :( lol

    ( p.s make sure u double check EVERYTHING and is no glitches so tom cant get these lvls and more cash faster >:) tom.... lol)
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    Disallow send money ( makes a whole team OP, instead of one dude )
    Give start engineer a pistol
  18. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    How-to series presents:
    "How Tom was unkillable?"
    1. Bring up console. (Launch tf2)
    2. Prepare to type something. Ready? Okey, here you go:
    bind KEY "buy; wait 2; menuselect 2; wait 2; menuselect 10"
    KEY - Most nearest key, mouse4 and mouse5 for me.
    3. Connect to server (if you didn't connect yet).
    4. Kill some enemyes and take portable shop.
    5. Now press KEY if you got hurt, notice each click cost 150k.
    ::: END :::

    With this little game feature i could become like ubered for a while (killed heavy + demo in a blink of an eye ;))

    Also Dark please fix teleport thing, each time it teleport me out of map.
  19. Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    kidcaster i have an easier idea to the keeping weapons thing, what we need is a bank so you can store your money and if you want to keep your weapon/s then you have to pay 10x the normal amount. You should get money for defending a point somthing like 200k.
  20. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: TF2 RP Suggestions

    the game would be more fun and challenging with lvls imo :)

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