#tf2pickup on Quakenet

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Core, 19 May 2008.

  1. #tf2pickup on Quakenet

    Wai suggested this to me. It's a good way for those who want to improve their TF2 skills by playing mixed games with some of the best TF2 players.

  2. Wai

    Re: #tf2.pickup on Quakenet

    yeah, i first started playing and i wasnt really a classy player, but after playing in these mixes, and learning the 'pro competitive' side of tf2, you will be suprised how well and how fast u improve.

    btw 1 thing i forgot to mention when i told Core the details of the #tf2.pickup was that once u !add and the gather is full (12 players added (6v6)) the irc bot will pm you the IP+pw for both VENTRILO and SERVER. so that you can be on ventrilo talking with the players, and on the same server


    #waiman irc.quakenet
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    thx, will do it ;)
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    about 3-5 4k^ players and massive others :S
    i^m afraid of fucking up with medic'ing... and i have to be captain for med, right...
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    Managed to get a match earlier. Here are some screenshots. I was healing the 4kings guy :P

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    after 3 matches, i say "ye, nice".
    anyway, there are many HC players, like Mick (4k^) with no respect for less good players,
    and he got really mad when i defended myself instead of healing him (he didnt care about the scout hunting me).

    Nothing with friendly play, just PURE HARDCORE.


    (nice though, will play some more)
  8. Re: #tf2pickup on Quakenet

    some update :P
    played about 10 matches so far, it ROCKS.
    the new channel is
    #mpuktf2.pickup @quakenet.

    read here: http://tf2.multiplay.co.uk/pickup/

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