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    Hello there,
    some of us dont know IRC and so on, so i decided to write this (or just gather links and help a bit)

    first point: you need a IRC client.

    get this one ^

    then you may want to read this:

    lastly, if you got connected to the server, and are in channel
    you have to register with the Quakenet Bot. Type this into the chat line, where "<mail>" means your email (lolol@lol.net):
    /msg Q HELLO <mail> <mail>

    then you get a mail with PW. just copy and paste the line into it, you will now be logged in.

    Now for joining a gather @TF2Pickup, write

    when 12 are in, you get a message from the Bot with IP and pass for the servers.
    the bot will tell you which team you are on, so join this one and join the Ventrilo channel too.
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    Chatzilla > mirc IMHO :)
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    xchat here ;)
    still, mIRC has many features and good tutorials, so i chose this one.

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