Thank you.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by iBunny, 24 Sep 2008.

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  1. Thank you.

    Hey guys.

    For the last few months i had the great pleasure to play with most of you, it was an honour. However, im departing from GM now, i dont mind that a few have left, but this is my own decision on the fact that i dont want any of this drama anymore.

    Ill tell you what's bothering me. When i first joined GM it was a great place to be, and im sure that before i joined is was just as fun! :), ive had to witness alot of people depart from GM and gradually witnessed what has been going on. Such as; small sneaky practises that are being exercised, backstabbing and verbally abusive people. I'm sure you all know who and what i mean with these statements.

    Ive seen the little messages to people who have left turning from "im sad to see you go" to "noob, we dont need you". What has happened here.. Really.. Generally i think theres a few too many elitists in the clan claiming it as their own. Let me just tell those people with a slight superiority complex (im sure everyone knows who im talking about); This is not your clan, you have a respective group that you can command, and reign terror over as much as you'd like, but in the end, GM still belongs to Core, Waebi, Darki and Myke.

    I'd like to thank everyone that has been nice to one another, i had a great pleasure in playing with all of you :), i will still make my occassional cameo on the servers, nothing will change really i hope.

    On a side note; i encouraged alot of people to join GM, and im really thankfull most of you accepted my offer :D. I just want to tell you guys: Please dont follow me. Stay or leave on your own accord. I'm not some heartless monster, i would be devastated to see anyone grief over my departure, so to those who i upset with this, we can still talk on steam :)

    Thank you...

    P.S; im terrible sorry what happened on your birthday darki..
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  3. Re: Thank you.

    Yeah.. but Z dosent.. Only abit of Wabcake.

    but thanks for mention

    Btw.. i never wanted to control GM.. Most of my "freinds" know that.. so yeh.. Tbh i just want GM to improve.. or migrate to a community.
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    Sad to see you go, iBunny .... SIGH I'm getting depressed with all these leavings :(
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    :( Very sorry to see you go, and i'm sorry to say I agree with most of what you wrote :/

    I've enjoyed our epic shovelling sessions (should be ruder that it sounds...) and late night convos, and hope they will continue despite this ;p [GM] has lost 2 of it's brightest personalities in 2 days :(
  6. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Thank you.

    Genesis, if you don't care, then don't bother posting in the first place.
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  8. eoN

    Re: Thank you.

    Nice to see you two being ass holes >_> seriously i like both of you but grow the fuck up if you have nothing constructive to say dont bother, okay?

    Now back to the point, its sad to see you go iBunny :(

    I'll still chat to you though and I bet you'll still be on the servers so its not all sad but i really wish you would think again maybe wait another month and see what happens maybe there will be some big changes :(
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    That's not nice really.
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    Also check out "new topic" in any forum except requests. :)
  11. eoN

    Re: Thank you.

    I've talked to him about it so lets leave it, GeneSIS knows our opinions on this.
  12. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Thank you.

    You know what I think...sorry to say au revoir :(
  13. Re: Thank you.

    note to all:

    The DRAMA ends tonight!

    Seriously wake up ppl.

    Cya around the server ibun. ;)
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    We are all tired of people leaving, and not waiting abit, to see what happens..

    same reason Genesis said that.
  15. Bun

    Re: Thank you.

    Bye, I'll miss you, you've always been nice. :(


  16. Re: Thank you.

    @ GeneSIS: Very unnecessary comment
    @ KennethJ: I'm pretty sure iBunny is not talking about you ;)
    @ EoN^: Flamewars don't start with the first person that flames, but the first person that responds

    @ iBunny: I feel sorry to see you leave as well. It's really not a moment of glory for GM atm. I'll see you on the servers, and steam.
  17. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Thank you.

    Bunny, really sorry to see you go. Its been fun playing with you and love to see you on the servers as often as possible - open door back. Unfortunately this thread has proved your point.....

    Guys, Fast is right. Enough already.
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    Bun... what is with the MJ gif? LMFAO! :lol:
  19. Re: Thank you.

    Shame you're leaving, but can't really blame you I guess. See you around on the servers.
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