The ancient art of spamming?

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  1. The ancient art of spamming?

    In 425 BC a force of Spartan hoplites was trapped and besieged on an island off the west coast of Greece - Athenian light troops (archers, javelin throwers and slingers) were shipped in and launched such a deluge of spam that the Spartans surrendered. Thucydides, the source of this encounter, tells us that:

    40. [1] Nothing that happened in the war surprised the Hellenes so much as this. It was the opinion that no force or famine could make the Lacedaemonians give up their arms, but that they would fight on as they could, and die with them in their hands: [2] indeed people could scarcely believe that those who had surrendered were of the same stuff as the fallen; and an Athenian ally, who some time after insultingly asked one of the prisoners from the island if those that had fallen were men of honor, received for answer that the atraktos—that is, the arrow—would be worth a great deal if it could tell men of honor from the rest; in allusion to the fact that the killed were those whom the stones and the arrow happened to hit.

    On another note:

    Th to an un-named GM member while engaged in duels last night: "I don't think they call that spamming, I think they call that missing."

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    I have a name!!


    And LOL! at this post :P
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    ancient art of zerg rushing imo :D
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    Ah ye old Peloponnesian war, good times. :)
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    ur sig is no match for my cookie!
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    Holy mother of god :shock:
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    Erm.... wow?
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    Wow. Don't you have a tendency to make topics long now do you Spyko LOL...

    Ah the good ol' times with the Hellens, Athens, Spartans and the long haired fellow called... Achilles?

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