The bad thing that happened to you today.(Venting thread)

Discussion in 'Random' started by Akiba, 2 Mar 2013.

  1. -M-m- herpderp

    Hm that's still quite low honestly as intel sets a max of 1.52 i believe while people accept 1.45 as the absolute maximum for air & watercooling if you are pushing the chip too its limits.
    (Some people push 1.4v on proper watercooling systems closer too 4.8 - 5 ghz)

    Sure it didn't burn the memory controller on one of the channels there on the motherboard rather then a cpu core ? seems to be more common to do then cpu cores.
    Id give it a go increasing memory voltage slightly as well while the rest stays at its standard settings in the bios including ram speeds too the standard specs of ddr3 or ddr4.
    (Bit above whats specified on the memory sticks is worth trying as well, like me running my ram at 1.56v instead of 1.5v for stability.
    (Got ddr3 here though so will be lower on ddr4.)
    1.35 i believe ddr4 is at right ?
    So 1.38v running at the standard 2133 mhz should work for testing if you do have 1.35v ram.
    & checking if the 4th core is still stable if you undo any overclocking for now that you got with 3 cpu cores.
  2. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    Been through all that, its a core thats gone, memory controller (somehow) is fine, gonna grab a 6700k to tide me over while i save for ryzen.
  3. Humpers GM's Resident #420Fag and general twat

    Hopped a barrier and went over on my ankle on landing friday night and gon dun broke my foot. I'll be in a cast for 6 weeks so the entirety of the last semester of uni and it's very possible I'll need surgery. Good job dickwad.
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  4. Fire ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAN

    Welcome to the club friend. Have been hugging the crutches for 6 months now (hopefully gonna be over soon). Wish you a fast recovery.
  5. Humpers GM's Resident #420Fag and general twat

    How the fuck have you been on crutches for 6 months??? These things are inhumane, they cause more pain than my fucking broken bone!
  6. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    You get used to it.
  7. Fire ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAN

    What Jack said, it was a pain at the start. Make sure yo have 2-3 fingers space between your armpit and the crutches
  8. Hand fingers or foot fingers? ;p
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  9. Fire ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAN

    The foot fingers of the broken leg of course.
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  10. audiosl4ve Saitama's underling

    RIP Chris Cornell, founder of Audioslave :(
  11. Kutti Kutti

    Today I spent £450 replacing my motorbike
  12. Humpers GM's Resident #420Fag and general twat

    Replacing? What did you buy for £450?
  13. Kutti Kutti

    I traded in what was left and got a Speedfigher 2.

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