The bad thing that happened to you today.(Venting thread)

Discussion in 'Random' started by Akiba, 2 Mar 2013.

  1. -M-m- herpderp

    RIP My motorola moto E XT1524.

    Death by Car door on screen & front glass (screen is full on black with the exception of the top left corner its clown puke pretty much.) Had jacket around waist & ofc phone was exactly low enough to slip down between there as i closed the door (pulled it up & had it in my lap before the flap of the jacket with the phone slip down & met the closing car door.)

    Might be ordering a new screen & digitizer & just repair it rather then replace the phone entirely. Gonna check with mom if she has a phone left over for now as no one can afford to buy one new at all atm.
  2. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Got diagnosed with OAS. Not that bad I guess bc I have steered away from eating most fruit for the past couple years - which I wished I liked/could eat bc they're such good snacks.
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  3. -M-m- herpderp

    Kind of expected it too die at some point, but today the corsair ssd. (corsair force gs 128 gb)
    That got corrupted smart values from me plugging in a dead ocz 128 gb ssd finally died completely, its no longer found on any system or in a external hdd enclosure.
    (The controller for the ssd being a sandforce something could with a dead Sandforce ssd that's older on the firmware but the same controller get overwritten somehow, The Corsair Support had no idea this was possible & i was the first one too discover this.)

    Only had games on the ssd anyway & its pretty much something i can leave over a day of downloading too a Harddrive & ill be back up & running again on TF2 & such.
  4. -M-m- herpderp

    Ty Swedish mail service for fucking up my bills for 2 months. (Changed address too proper one for my apartment (they were still delivered here despite saying the wrong address previously.)
    They still didn't make it here or the previous address which is my dads apartment address & they never messaged me either about lost mail.)

    Got about 140€ from a debt collection company + 90€ bill from state side debt collection bills was originally about 23€

    I'll switch too receiving the bills digitally to not have this shit happening again because they are either lazy or didn't take a look for 5 seconds at the large number above the apartment port door realizing its the right address listed that i live in now on the bills.
  5. Rónnie Never know what tomorrow may bring

    Generally speaking I don't hate my job, with that being said today sucked ass.
    Due to it being the New Year it was super slow and we didn't need the number of people we had working today. But what really irked me was this lady ( one of those "I'm so rich I don't pump my own gas types") paid $20 for her gas, had to have me reset her pump 3 times, and then proceeds to dump a gallon of gas onto the pavement. So I go out and have to pour sand all over the forecourt (so we don't have risk of a fire). At this point I'm fed up of having to reset the pump so i pump her gas for her. When its finished she demands I give her the $3 worth of gas that she spilt onto the pavement. I don't have the authority to authorize more than what is paid for and I told her that. She turns up her nose at me and says, "its not my problem that your pump is broken", then asks me for my name and states she will be talking to my supervisor tomorrow.
    I don't get it... It is really that hard to pump gas and take responsibility for your actions?

    you know when you try to do a fart but a poo comes out instead???

    i know nothing about that
  7. Lank Grunt Grunt

    Today I put my left foot in my right shoe...
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    that is awful i am very sorry to hear this

    i hope you get well soon
  9. Lank Grunt Grunt

    yes I feel a little better now. I am still recovering from the accident that happaned yesterday.
  10. -M-m- herpderp

    TL DR at the top

    Dad flew my lil brothers quad copter Syma x15 i believe its called, stuck in a tree flying in the darkness in the field outside the apartments over night now.

    (Fairly cheap one though buying 3 batteries for it in sweden costs more then the quad copter itself.)
    Was going pretty well for about 2 minutes, wind picked up a bit as he was passing near a tree & its now stuck there over night. (It turns off by itself if it has no signal from the controller even if its plugged in, so the battery should be alright if it gets too rest indoors before they try too charge it up or use it again.)
    gonna go out with my own quad copter & fly a bit once the battery is charged & check if i can perhaps spot it & try too bring it down with a water filled bottle.
  11. When I first got my small little drone the first thing I did was fly it into my neighbors tree thanks to the wind :buddy:
  12. -M-m- herpderp

    Went out now & we got it down within minutes of trying with the plan b (Filled up two bottles of water which was easier too throw then a plastic bag with old papers & ads fliers inside.
    (one litre bottle & one 1.5 litre bottle, hit the branch after about 8 throws it was stuck on so it landed on a smaller branch that was easy too hit after 2 throws with a good throw from below.

    Instructed lil brother too wait with using or charging the battery (set an alarm on the phone) 1.5 hours now before charging the battery as it might damage the cell if charged while cold or if it has built any moisture or frozen in some way being outdoors over night in -3 too -8c temperatures.
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  13. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Computer died.

    Using old laptop for now. Replacement parts en route.

    Is shit.
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  14. -M-m- herpderp

    What parts did you order ?
    & what was the pc specs previously ?

    Any signs of life from the pc at all ?
    Done bios/cmos reset & the regular pc troubleshooting stuff like only 1 stick of ram, another gpu or integrated graphics, another powersupply, no front io connected & starting with a screwdriver over power button pins & checked over rear io so no usb port is shorting out there etc ?
  15. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

  16. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    Wrong thread? ;)
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