The Engineer Update is Upon Us!!!

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  1. marcf33 Marc

    The Engineer Update is Upon Us!!!

    EDIT: I'm just gonna post whats new on this thread, this can be our Engi update discussion thread

    :siren:THE ENGI UPDATE PAGE IS HERE!:siren:
    here is page

    Three new maps
    Payload: Upward and Thunder Mountain
    Payload Race: Hightower
    Capture Point: Coldfront (Community Made)



    Pistol Replacement
    The Wrangler
    +Engineers can use the wrangler to take control and aim their sentry gun
    -An engi controlled sentry will not target enemies itself
    +The Wrangler creates a shield that absorbs 66% of all incoming damage
    +Gives a doubled firing rate and slightly faster missile launch rate at level 3
    -The sentry is defenseless for three seconds after the engi switches from wrangler

    Shotgun replacement
    Frontier Justice
    -50% magazine
    -No random crits
    For every kill your sentry gets +2 crits are stored, for every assist +1
    These crits can only be used after the sentry has been destroyed (from another player or self-destruct)

    Melee Replacement
    The Gunslinger
    +25 health on wearer
    Combo attack: The third punch in a series of punches will always crit
    Lets the Engineer drop mini-sentries instead of regular sentries
    Combat Mini Sentries:
    Placed by Engineer using the Gunslinger
    +Only costs 100 metal to place
    +Builds 4x faster than a normal sentry
    +Deploys with full health
    -Cannot be repaired or upgraded
    -Deals half a normals sentry's damage

    The Southern Hospitality
    (Watchmaker wrench)
    -No random crits
    +On hit: bleed for 5 seconds
    -20% fire vulnerability on wearer

    Plus the infamous Golden Wrench of course.


    Sentries with Wrench are now moveable.
  2. Rondon Ruff Ruff is Rondon

    OH MY GOODNESS WOW (now onto a more srs note) cool find dude and woo :P
  3. marcf33 Marc

  4. Cactus The key is to never give up

    :D I found that page... Well I need to craft something tomorow.
  5. Cactus The key is to never give up

  6. Mole45 Dance Little Liar

  7. They just trying to keep their players(customers) going.

    It base on luck.

    soon or later they give it out for all, or make it a craft item.
  8. marcf33 Marc

    New gun.
    Frontier Justice
    -50% magazine
    No random crits
    +2 crits for every kill sentry gets, +1 per assist.
    When sentry is destroyed, engineer recieves bonus crits.

    Sounds like a pretty good sidegrade to me, I think I'm gonna be using it.

    Damn the metal stuff isn't gonna work.
  9. Gaw discord is my friend now

    [strike]Where did you get that from[/strike]

    Page got updated twice in a day? wtf
  10. This is so F'in unfair...if you dont have any stuff to craft your screwed, becuase they just disabled the reclaimed and refined uncrafting -.-
    That means I'm probably gonna sacrifice some of my guns =/
    Or maybe i won't because the chance is so small
  11. marcf33 Marc

    Lol I think im just gonna craft everything. Vanilla tf2 is bearable.
  12. I think I'm gonna craft everything I never use just to try get 1 :3
    Maybe i'm ready to craft my pyro hat on thursday then :D
  13. marcf33 Marc

    I cant tell if its on a per day basis from the blug tho. Time to wait for wrench 26 to be found. And I'm contemplating whether its actually worth it. I mean god knows im not gonna get one with the thousands that play tf2.
  14. coffeejunky GM's Tea-boy

    Nope totally not worth it IMO. The chance is so very slim. Just craft what you have spare.
  15. marcf33 Marc

    Yeah that's my reasoning for not. I'm just gonna craft like i normally do and just hope to get lucky.
    (Only dupes)
  16. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Every day 25 wrenches. Every 25 wrenches 1 item. Valve saving best for last as usual IMO. hurr
  17. That shotgun seems pretty awesome.

    I can see myself purposefully building bad sentries to get crits. :D
  18. You don't even need to place them badly calump, it says if you destroy them 2 on the engi update page aswell.
    Atleast i think it's there

    Edit: Yup (either through enemy action or self-destruct)
  19. Yeah, I know, but I've got a great image in my head: just after a choke point, me on one side, my sentry (level 1) on the other. The enemies walk through, turn to take out my sentry first and when they do I crit them in the back.

    Who needs a stupid miscoloured wrench when you've got a weapon like this? And I've got ragdolls turned off so I wouldn't even see the statues.
  20. marcf33 Marc

    For anybody who feels like crafting away all their items, a new day has started in wrench dropping

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