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  1. The ROFL Topic

    Hey Hey Hey Ladies and Gentleman,
    I have found some funny things on youtube:

    Pyro's House:

    Jigsaw Fails:

    You are allowed (forced :D ) to add some other clips etc.
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    The pyro was some great work and hilarious, seen the jigsaw one :D
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    This one is epic:

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    Uber English Generator - One of my most hilarious bits of PHP ever :D (with a nice flash interface :))

    Basically what it does is convert what you type to the language you choose via google translator and then takes the result and puts it back into english again, also using google translator. The results are hilarious as fuck.


    ENGRISH: Donkey! Urine of donkey! It is gotten angry with the donkey!

    ORIGINAL: Old McDonald had a farm.
    ENGRISH (Dutch): Old McDonald had an agriculture company.

    ORIGINAL: Oh fuck! Holy shit, how this generator can be so fucking hilarius!
    ENGRISH (Spanish): Taken of the Oh! Excrement santa, how this generator can so be hilarius of excrement!
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    I love dark immortal!

    or should I say:

    lol You're coding is awsome!
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    :D :lol:
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    You might like to watch the videos me and my mate did, it's not TF2 but they are all HL2 Parodies, we get commended quite well for our Humour.
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    structural malfunctionat0r FTW!! =) nice one
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    dunno if you think its funny, some are some a are not, but check out the 5 second movies on YT here are some:


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