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  1. I feel like this thread could be quite fun. To give a short explanation, come up with new ideas for fx:
    • Compositions of teams
    • Item builds
    • Counters
    • Strategies
    • And many more!
    Then you can post your ideas, and get some feedback on them. I'll start us off.

    I've started to build Trinity force into Last Whisper on Ezreal. I really feel like the armor penetration early on, makes it a ton easier to kill basicly everyone, and it's a lot more garuenteed than say building a Blodthirster, as you're quite reliant on the stacks. This allows for more mobility early game (by not having to farm up your blodthirster before battles), counter early armor, perhaps even force them to build more armor than they wanted to at a certain time.

    I also 2 compositions that could be extremely strong.

    First is:
    Top: Wukong
    Jungle: Skarner
    Mid: Orianna/Gragas
    AD: Varus
    Support: Leona

    This composition has insane insane CC, but also a great amount of damage. Lane wise they do fine as well, thing is that the Meta with the Triforce of AD carries is just so strong that i can be hard to lane against say Ezreal Sona.

    Second is:
    Top: Jax/Jayce
    Jungle: Maokai
    Mid: Karthus
    AD: Ezreal
    Support: Sona

    This composition can stun with Sona Ult whilst Karthus runs in with defile and ezreal ults them all, as they trĂ½ to fight, Maokai ult stops some of the damage and CC's further, Jax/Jayce for damage and some Acceleration gate or stun(Jax).
  2. mrljbk Osu Wizard

    Best team comp:

    Top: Vlad
    Mid: Vlad
    Ad: Vlad
    Support: Vlad
    Jungler: Vlad
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  3. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    Van Damm's Pillager OP!

    I was playing Lee Sin but I think Nocturne could work too.

    You rush a Madred's Razor/Wriggle's/Soulsight and a Van Damm's pillager and you can spellvamp from your Razor procs for infinate sustain so you can kill objectives fast and easy (Buffs, Dragon, Baron, Vilemaw).
    I could solo Vilemaw(new boss) at lvl 10 (maybe dragon at a lower level if Pillager comes to SR as well) and that boss indeed does a lot of damage.

    If the pillager comes to SR you can easily roam around in their jungle, steal all the camps/buffs and still walk around with full HP to gank and/or kill the enemy jungler.
  4. Infernal Dragon I love people very much.. with ketchup

    You just remind me the one of my coolest games.
    It was 4 females and 1 alpha male.
    Top: Sona
    Mid: Karma
    Bot: Soraka and Kayle
    Jungle: Master Yi

    The idea was that master yi gets heal\shield\speed\stun\armor\invulnerability and makes penta.
    Well, we won.

    The sad thing that the replay had broken ):
  5. Vipar GM Copymachine

    Top: Yorick
    Mid: Yorick
    Ad: Yorick
    Support: Yorick
    Jungler: Yorick

    Ghosts evry'where.
  6. ima Bean Go ham or go home.

  7. Bagman Some cunt on the internet

    Beaten by a little girl
  8. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

  9. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

    Bot lane's pretty shoddy, tbh.

    Varus just can't compete well against most other ADs. And pairing him up with Leona, who also has no escape, is pretty dismal if they manage to turn the fight with a well-placed heal or something.[/quote]
  10. Vipar GM Copymachine

    Varus does compete quite good actually. I even came against a weird one with Varus/Nidalee bottom. They wrecked our faces.
  11. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    earlygame pokelanes such as this and for example maokai/cait is so very annoying, you cant win if you cant kill them fast and easy.
  12. Bagman Some cunt on the internet

    Varus does an insane amount of damage and combined with Leona, he is suddenly doing tons of damage. You have to pretty much commit to the fights though, so you are susceptible to a gank if you had poor awareness of the jungler. A well placed ignite can also negate heals, so unless they can engage back on you strongly, you can walk right out with a kill or forcing a back/pots.

    On paper I can see why it would seem like a crappy comp though
  13. Vex'd make "brain afk" so we will play on same skill

    I want to do a "win this shit in 10 minutes or we're fucked" team

    top: riven
    mid:le blanc
    adc: i dunno, ez? urgot?
    supp: blitz
    jungle: [​IMG], or shyvana, wtever
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  14. Infernal Dragon I love people very much.. with ketchup

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  15. Vex'd make "brain afk" so we will play on same skill

    oh yeah that too
  16. Bagman Some cunt on the internet

    I'm not too familiar with mid, but I've been wondering why people playing Karthus don't pick up a Rylais?
    I've just seen a lot of the big teams have their Karthus unable to chase down anything. I guess it could be compensated for with a good team composition. The extra slow, health and AP just seem too good to pass up - even if the full 35% only apply if you hit a single target with Lay Waste.

  17. Vex'd make "brain afk" so we will play on same skill

    Looking for reasons not to build Rylais, i'd say firstly it takes gold out of building heavier AP items which makes your spells hit like a truck, and that's ideally what you're supposed to be doing in the middle of a teamfight whilst your team CC's.
    Furthermore I think Rylais has an internal cooldown, so you won't be getting a slow with every Q hit if that's what you were thinking about (not sure on that though.) Ideally your wall and exhaust should be enough CC on what is essentially a heavy AoE damage dealing champion.

    Other than that I've got no clue and just try it anyway I guess lol
  18. Vipar GM Copymachine

    Some strategies actually build on him dieing early in team fights and support with AoE and mines from his death form, as well as ultimate.
    Might be why...maybe..?

    I don't know why people do this.
  19. Bagman Some cunt on the internet

    I was honestly thinking it as a luxury/later game item instead of the WotA. Like if they have a lot of nuking, it might allow him to stay alive a little longer than with WotA. Then again might maybe just get a GA instead.
    The 3100g is pretty steep and you can only apply the slow every 3 secs. Sometimes kills are just missed when your wall is on CD and ideally the Rylai would keep them in range for more damage.
    It might just be too situational for me to see.
  20. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    I think most Karthus players go for a ROA first and then a Deathcap. Karthus really wants that Deathcap so he can do lots of damage with his Q's, E and his ult. If he were to get a rylai's before the Deathcap he will miss out on a lot of damage but make him more tanky (but Karthus is already tanky because of the ROA and he can still spam abilities after his death due to his passive). I believe that at the Championship most teams already started forcing teamfights before or just after Karthus got his Deathcap, so getting a Rylai's then, Karthus might not do anything significant with its passive. A lot of enemies have also probably already bought MR after he finishes his deathcap as well so a voidstaff might be a better 3th item for Karthus.

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