Time 2 Say Goodbye

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Myke, 29 Nov 2008.

  1. Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Hey guys,
    I figured out lately that my life consists of the following mayor parts:
    • Girlfriend[/*:m:j96xah7t]
    • Work[/*:m:j96xah7t]
    • Developing my Future[/*:m:j96xah7t]
    • Music[/*:m:j96xah7t]
    • Clan[/*:m:j96xah7t]
    And there is just 100% Myke that i can distribute between those parts. Work needs a constant high factor of time, that i can't alter. Music has been lowered down to about 1% already. So i had to make a decision whether i want to reinforce GF, my future or my work in the clan, and although this wasn't an easy decision, there is nothing more important in my life then my girlfriend, and i have to start to work on my future as well, or i'll end up frustrated and alone in a few years.

    This unfortunately means that i don't have enough time to keep leading this clan. I don't even have enough time to train myself to keep my actual level. So I can be one of those inactive clan-members i was cursing, back in the times i didn't have this massive Work part in my life, but i decided to leave this clan instead, and just pop by as a friend of gm, and community member.

    I want to thank Core for being a nice mature clan leader, with whom i had a lot interesting conversations.

    Further i want to thank Darki for making this whole thing possible.

    I also want to thank Nomad for giving me the chance to become a member of this clan, and to promote me up to Dept.Leader =)

    And of course thanks to Protantus for giving us the possibility to have one of the nicest servers of the UK.

    And thanks to the following ppl Anathema, Bennett, Bun, Disco, eoN, Grendel, McPeanuts, Pissmidget, Sandman, Th, YO.Overdrive, Vacoy, Walking Target, XO for being nice guys i'd call friends (as long as you can call someone you've never seen a friend) [hope i didn't forget someone]

    Time 2 Say Goodbye,
  2. eoN

    Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    One of the nicest guys in GM :( Please play sometimes and keep in contact <3
  3. Bun

    Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye


    Have fun in real life. Thanks for the time you put into the clan, without you I would never be such a good player as I am today.

    Time to boot irl.exe...
  4. Th-

    Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    This is a great loss to GM... you shall be long revered. GL and all with your future challenges.
  5. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Keep in touch Myke. You're always welcome for a mix or just some randoming around :)
    It's sad to see you go but I understand your decision. See you soon ;)
  6. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    :( very sad to see you go buddy :(

    viel glück mit deinem beruf, vielleicht sieht man sich des öfteren auf den servern...

    wir hörn voneinander...

    halt die ohren steif!
  7. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    You know my thoughts about this, we spoke earlier.

    Good luck in the future
  8. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Oh oh... That's just sad :(
    Have fun with the extra time tho :> And Don't forget to keep hopping in to check the forum M'kay! :D
    I really appreciated the help in E! Thanks bud :D
  9. XOo

    Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Really sad to see u leave and thanks for getting me in F. Good luck with everything hope to see on the servers or something.
  10. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Good luck mate, real life is more important than hanging in a computer all days.
  11. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Myke, don't be a stranger - you are always welcome on these servers. Have fun....
  12. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Good luck in real life and don't forget you're still welcome on our servers when you find time to play TF2/ZPS/L4D etc. :)
  13. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Myke I'm sad to see you go, you're a legend and a great leader. Will I ever hear you say "lol" over the microphone again? :o
  14. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Aw, Myke, we understand. You didn't need to give us a long explanation about your RL, but thank you for that, anyway.
    You leave knowing you did something good here.
    You know I always believed in you. Come back when you can.

    Take care, and -- Gott segne euch.

    I Am Nomad
  15. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Good Luck myke ;)

    see you around on server and forums :P

    and Have Fun out there
  16. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Thanks for all the nice replies guys! I'd love to say something like: Maybe i'll be back after a longer break, but since i'm pretty sure this won't happen, i don't say it.

    Instead i say: [say] lol [/say] <- this is for you sandman ;)

    @ Nomad: Gott segne auch dich =) and i know i didn't have to share my prl.exe with you guys, but i wanted to do it. Otherwise you guys might have the feeling that this was an easy decision for me. It wasn't.

    Anyhow, i guess it's time for me to get rid of this GM-Deputy Leader banner... but i can't find where i have to disable it. If it's still there tomorrow, can you Darki please remove it for me =)

    GL everyone, i miss you.
  17. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Lol nice avatar mate. . .
    By the way, have you read the I Am Legend book? It RAPES the film. ;)
  18. Re: Time 2 Say Goodbye

    Nah i haven't but i need to, since this movie is probably closest to being perfect (for me) then every other movie.

    Edit: And yes, you inspired me to choose this avatar pic ;)

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