topic creater rights

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Cookiecaster, 23 Apr 2009.

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    topic creater rights

    hey, was just thing, sometimes people make a topic and then other people put something unapropriot replys in them, i was thinking of a delete topic button? for the topic creater only, so like i created this topic and say player "X" writes under this message something completely offtopic like "i eat eggs for breakfast" i could just delete their post?
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    You make a topic with a statement that is about some very important thing. Then some one else has an other point of view and gives very good arguments. Cause you just donĀ“t want to lose the argument you delete his post.

    Silly idee kid. We have the right of free speech. If there is something inappropriate the Moderators (leaders) will deal with it. Just click on report post button if you think a post is not ok.
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    I eat eggs for breakfast
  4. Th-

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    Come on cut him some slack

    Its not a bad idea Kid, thx fro sharing it

    Though I think we are such a small group that we should have no problems with inappropriate posting. If a post merits a warning, its easily dealt with. If its completely off topic it is probably worse to the poster than the topic creator. Bottom line is, that if there is a problem, the leaders should be able to deal with it.
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    Same here. But only on weekend sometimes.

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