TR_AIRSHOT_V0 upped to server.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by waebi, 20 Jul 2008.

  1. TR_AIRSHOT_V0 upped to server.

    If you want to practise, PM me or another leader with it, also look at the servers.
    It uses hard CPU resources for the map change, as it loads 19 bots with it.
    Means: If all servers are full, you cant play it :S

    *only to be used on the match server*
  2. Re: TR_AIRSHOT_V0 upped to server.

    weeeeeeeeeee, i need to do this at some point!!!!!
    don't have much spare time in the coming week, but i'll let you know if wonna do this!
  3. Re: TR_AIRSHOT_V0 upped to server.

    it's a great thing :D
    start with the ones who come more directly, then go slowly to the sides. Also nice as SNIPER, b00m headshot ;)
  4. Re: TR_AIRSHOT_V0 upped to server.

    gotta correct myself a bit, the CPU usage is only hard at the beginning. Just checked it out, the CPU usage for the match server is around 10% only with these 19 bots on it, should be ok to let it run in the background, if the other servers report lag, we can change it.

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