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  1. Training Sessions

    Hey guys,
    Th and i thought of a training session for today, and maybe on a regular basis later on.
    The overall goal of the training session is to give insight into how to play several classes and teamtactics.
    So the session will consists of a theoretical part, were we talk about all that stuff and a practical part where we try them out in a real match. (the size of the match consists of the number of players online)

    Server: our match server,
    pass: OMGWTFBBQ

    All the demos go up to
    login/pass = GM/GM

    Th will post more information about it in this topic.

    The first training session will be today, so please sign up here
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  3. Th-

    Re: Training Sessions

    Team play training session, Sunday 31st AUG, 7 gmt, on GM Match server

    This time we will focus on training our team play. The training is open for all, including most active community members and recruits, and while its meant to be fun the primary goal is still to get into co-operation with teammates. Mic is preferred but not a requirement, will to learn how to work in a team on the other hand is. We will have a match between two teams in two maps, other will be Pro_Granary and the other we shall put to a vote in-game. Likely options include but are not limited to: Fastlane, Freight, Well, Badlands.

    During the match, all players are to focus on these subjects:
    1) Communicate information efficiently, i.e. chatter to minimum, use character voice menu if needed
    2) Covering your teammates, especially the medic
    3) All time awareness in all directions, consider the goal achieved if you don't get ambushed or flanked without you knowing it b4hand
    4) Concentration of fire to hold high ground (to destroy specific targets quick)
    5) Fulfilling the role of your class, in your squad, in your team
    6) Co-operation between the medic, soldiers and demoman to reach midpoint as fast as possible at round start
    7) Understanding and applying the the ideas of forward defense and controlling areal key points

    If any relevant subjects are presented they will be added to the list. Would you like to have a detailed discussion of any of these subjects? Please do so in the topic of "ClanWars in a coordinated fashion" Two teams of six would be an ample amount of players but for this training 20 attendants would be even better. The teams must have a solid balance of classes, and during the game class changes are allowed ONLY on the team leader's command or with the agreement of majority of the team. GL & HF
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    Afraid i'm at a wedding on Sunday :/ I'm sure this will be a great session though :)
  5. Th-

    Re: Training Sessions

    Had a detailed chat with Nomad today. We discussed several things and figured some good ideas together to maybe implement them in the future training if there will be interested in it... So anyway, there are some ongoing fundamental discussions about the nature of the GamingMasters Clan & Community itself at the moment, and after we have the leaders' conclusion we shall look into organizing some training for the members.

    -- I just wanted to come here and tell you guys that a while back Styhn came to me and told he would like to organize a training session. He proposed a similar setting to the AUG 31th, with a change: After each round there will be a break for a few minutes (<4min) for the teams to discuss what went right and wrong the last round and agree on an improving element for the next round. I think that would be a great idea, but it is up to the members if it will ever see the light of day.
  6. eoN

    Re: Training Sessions

    I'm up for any training sessions as long as they aren't at the same time as a GM'F match or on a Thursday (Apart from this Thursday). So just PM me or add me on steam or post something and i will probably see it :)
  7. Th-

    Re: Training Sessions

    A member told me he'd like to have feedback on his performance, so I was thinking a format for those who want to improve: Similar to the one Styhn proposed, a match between 2 teams with players of different skill levels. Trainees work in pairs with more experienced members and after the round pairs give advice to consider for the next round. There should be at least one member with relatively more experience in a team if we can't have as many of them online as needed. Gimme a shout, who thinks this kind of training could be useful?
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    It's a good idea but may be a bit artificial if people have to work in pairs / the same pair for the whole game. I would suggest (numbers permitting) simply having 2 or 3 'experienced' players on a team with 3 or 4 'training' players - pairing up will work for scouts / soldiers but may mess with the game dynamic when it comes to demo / heavy / medic / other classes etc. Simply playing the game with 2/3 people who can see what's going on and give out general advice would be good. How about an 'experienced' scout and soldier on each team who can then give feedback after each round? Helpfully most of the 'experienced' players can comment on general gameplay and their class specifics, while most can offer sound advice on at least 2 classes: I'd be eager to help with this any way I can :)

    One thing though - this would need to be a sign-up event. I think we need to make this a sought after kind of activity, for learning and sharing ideas - a real opportunity to improve and see what makes the game work.
  9. eoN

    Re: Training Sessions

    +1 to that, i would love to help out with demo but tbh i dont really know much i more play by instinct, works well for me but i dunno about others so id love to maybe a training person for the first one and maybe, if im good enough, i can help with tutoring aswell on one of the other (if it works) :D

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