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  1. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I'm extremely busy with Uni, and it seems that all of the developers are using that as an excuse too. Can't give an ETA on something I have no control over. I'm frustrated too.

    I can 100% pledge that when the server is back up, there will be tons of new content and awesome features. /hopefully it will have been worth the weight
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  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

  3. Gaw discord is my friend now

    TTT is now back online!

    • PointShop 2 updates and new content
      • New clientside "My Settings" tab allows you to disable all items, activate lowend mode or adjust draw distance
      • Weapons can now be bought and equipped via PS2
        • You only receive 1 clip, so you will have to scavenge for ammo like everyone else
        • The old donator F5 weapon menu is gone, as I feel it was unfair to regular users
          • As compensation: Bronze VIPs - 5 credits, Silver VIPs - 10 credits, Gold VIPs - 15 credits
      • Pets and Trails tabs have been removed for now. You can equip your existing items no problemo.
      • Added the Rebirth Crate and Key
        • Very rare items include Popstar Ahri, Korra and a permanent 50% fall reduction boost
        • You also have an extremely rare chance of getting an Unusual Hat or Accessory (we tf2 boys)
        • Improvements and more crates will come if this trial is popular
      • Introduced a drops system at the end of the round
        • You have a 10% chance of getting a drop
        • Drop pool includes all weapons, the Rebirth Crate and the Rebirth Key (extremely rare)
      • Added 20% Speed Boost items to the shop (untested, may be changed)
      • Added Weed Item Bundle:
        • Snoop Dogg, Snipars and Mr. Dank playermodels
        • Mooove bitch, Nichismoke, xxXSerialPervertWeedmanXxx, Don't worry and BIG WEED taunts
      • Added taunts and other items I don't remember it has been too long
      • Organized Player Models into categories
      • The shop is approximately 60% faster and more responsive due to optimization
    • Online Store (it now has to be
      • 25% sale on all items until August 7th (next sale will be at Christmas)
      • You can now pay with Stripe or PayPal. Hopefully soon I will be able to accept bitcoin, mobile, giftcards and hundreds of other payment methods. Not guaranteed that will happen though.
      • I will be keeping a small percentage of the transactions to try and recuperate all of the money I've spent, but rest assured the vast majority of the money will go towards TTT and other upcoming servers.
        • 15% of transactions will be retained long-term for emergencies, to prevent this happening again
      • Type !store in chat to view your packages and/or visit the store
      • Top donators are automatic now
      • Monthly goal bar added
      • Credit packages have been changed and been made more clear. On average, they are cheaper than before
      • 5 Rebirth Keys available for 10 credits (5 for the price of 2, compared to PS2 price)
      • All existing raffles have concluded, new Rebirth Keys raffle added
      • Bronze VIPs now get a 10 credit discount on Silver VIP
      • Silver VIPs now get a 25 credit discount on Gold VIP
    • Added Betting again!?!
      • All of the bugs have seemingly been fixed now
      • Can bet when 8 or more people are on the server
      • Only admins and VIPs can bet
      • For the first 30 seconds of the round, you can bet on Innocents or Traitors
      • Winning bets will double your stake
      • Maximum bet is 25,000 points
    • New scoreboard
      • Looks pretty rad
      • Admins and VIPs can set their own custom tag and colour, and change the colour of their name
        • Your real rank and icon cannot be changed
      • Inappropriate tags will receive a one-time warning, and then a ban if continued
      • Points are now displayed on the scoreboard
        • If you have more than 999,999 points then the scoreboard will look pretty not rad
      • Extensive right click context menu on the scoreboard
        • Admins can easily mute/gag/kick/ban etc very quickly and effortlessly by right clicking a name
    • Sidebar
      • Reduced size so it doesn't needlessly take up the entire height of your screen
      • Updated buttons that didn't work
    • Other stuff and disclaimer
      • Definitely stuff I've forgotten, but have fun exploring it
      • @Reaver helped me test everything, and we didn't see any immediate problems
        • But there will be bugs and balance issues so don't be shy to post about them!

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  4. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    What are you doing to me.
  5. Hearth Forever Traitor

    There's a special inner circle in Heaven for people like you, Gaw.
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  6. Squallkitty GM's #1 Streamer!

  7. I think I know what everyone's going to be playing tonight! Thank you for all your hard work @Gaw!
  8. Thank you @LewyJudge12 for your extensive hard work on rigorously testing the server. I don't know where we'd be without you :^)
  9. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    ttt_magma_v2 is called 'label' on the end of round map vote
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  10. Mystia the Schnitzel Delivery Guy

    damn, someone beat me to top donator? time to change that
  11. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    Fuck, we missed the sale boys. (time to wait for Christmas)
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  12. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Current known issues:
    • The sale is not working IT IS NOW WORKING
    • Store is just ignoring the database (recent donators, top donators, goal etc) Fixed
    • VIPs cannot actually change their custom tags
    • Map label issue Should be fixed now
    • Betting ruined the economy again in 6 hours (one of the reasons you can't transfer points)
      • I have nerfed it, please give me feedback
      • Problem on map voting round, have sent to the developer
      • Incorrect multiplier displayed Fixed by Geit and given 5 credits <3
    • Some items are selling for 0 points (particularly from crates)
      • The developer of PS2 is looking into the issue
      • Regardless of his findings, you will 100% be reimbursed before the week is out
    Please let me know if you encounter any other bugs/issues/exploits.
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  13. I get that there are bound to be a lot of issues Gaw, but it's inexcusable that Casey somehow inexplicably still has access to the server
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  14. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    First unusual boys G-Bomb
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  15. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    running out of room in my inventory :P
  16. no
  17. Mister Spuds I don't understand what's going on here...

  18. Gaw discord is my friend now

    • All free credits for legacy VIPs before 31/08/2015 have been added to your store account
      • @Mole45 you need to visit the store and sign in via Steam at least once to claim your credits
    • All PointShop 2 inventories have had their slots increased to 80
    • Added the Raging Bull and the Remington pistols to PointShop 2 and the drops system
      • Please note that my descriptions are vague at best, completely inaccurate at worst
      • As a community, please keep an eye out on the balance of weapons
    • Fixed a couple of taunts that were not playing anything
    • Clarified on the Taunt package that it can be bought multiple times to increase the length
    • All adverts are now displayed at the top of the screen in a pleasing scrolling bar
      • Between trivia, drops, unboxing and the previous chat adverts; it was becoming difficult to actually talk in chat
      • Adverts now only display every 5 minutes, which is considerably less than before
      • As there is unlimited space now, adverts can be more descriptive and no longer need abbreviations
      • I should be able to disable adverts for VIPs at some point, due to this new system
    • Fixed some minor chat issues
    • Praise be to @Geit for making some awesome changes to Betting (he's only in it for the credits he doesn't love you)
      • The multiplier now changes every round
        • The lowest multiplier is 1.20, the highest is 2.00
      • The betting panel now no longer shows up on the map voting round
      • The betting panel now no longer shows up unless there are 8 players
      • If the multiplier is 1.30 or below, you can now place an all-in bet
      • There are now special rounds which have a 5% chance of happening
        • The lowest multiplier is increased to 2.10, the highest 3.00
    Note: I'm aware of the strange PointShop 2 behaviour recently. The developer is looking into it. Don't sell anything for 0 points, as I can't reimburse you after doing so.
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  19. Hooch Luckiest man alive.

    all in boys.jpg

    all in.jpg

    We went all in a couple times.
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  20. Locust The Great Yeelord

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