TTT vs GM: Seriously WTF

Discussion in 'Events' started by Z3Ronl, 15 May 2008.

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    Some of us didn't take the match seriously (even though it was a practice clan war)...
    Therefore we got owned...

    Wait till you get to the matches on enemydown and other pro leagues.
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    TTT is a decent clan. They were, at no point, hacking. The shots the snipers got are certainly possible. I myself play scoutzknivez in css at a high level, i know what im talking about and i know what any type of hack looks like. I also know that the most annoying thing ever is people calling you a hacker while you are not one. Ive watched the snipers briefly and all i saw was solid and decent shots, nothing odd about them. The fact that we got shot through walls, which i expierenced as well, is because of their high pings. Stuff like that happens in all games and is only avoidable by what im about to say in my second remark.

    The second thing i would like to point out is simple: Lets never play a clan with an average ping of 100 again. Sniping was completely and utterly pointless, shots just didnt register at all. That alone makes it unfair to us, but lets forget about that, some of them were just lagging horribly. I shoot my rocket at some guys feet and he just lags out of it without taking any damage on several occasions. The whole competitivity of the match is lost in that way, whats the point in thinking: If i shoot my rocket 5 metres to the left of where the opponent will be when the rocket hits, i think it will register and he will take a full hit.

    Thats all i had to say :)
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    full ack @above. I always thought "I'm a decent sniper" until I played scoutknivez ;-)
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    hehe sk is a cruel community indeed :D

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