U21 Championship

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  1. U21 Championship

    well, germany did it , we're the new u21 eurochampion ....
    anyone watched it?
    i think that they deserved it cause they did better the whole game
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    Yeah you were the best team but the problem with the Under 21 Championships is that nearly 60% of the players are older than 21, I know there is a FIFA ruling that if you are born on X year you can play until your 23 I think. But that German side has 11 players out of the 23 man squad older than 21.
    England has 8.
    It should be set in stone that once you turn 22, you can't play in the Tournament.

    Also Manuel Neuer looks a very promising keeper.
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    i never noticed that, honestly
    embarrasssing XD

    and ya thats right - on a under 21 tournament u should be under 21

    i liked the way milner played ... does he play that good in the premier league too?
    manuel neuer is promising right, but he has still a lot to learn ...like all other players of the tournament^^
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    TBH I think Milner is overrated, he doesnt do anything specially in the Premiership IMO and also he is 23 years old and can't get into into the main England squad which says it all really.
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    thx for the info ...
    the next guy im thinking of is jack rodwell, how about him?(hes nearly the same age like me, same year different month)
    (i need to watch english football way more xD)

    and danny, as a manu fan, u think manu will buy frank ribery cause ronaldo left?
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    Jakc Rodwell is being linked to Man U, I haven't seen enough of him to comment on his ability but from what I have seen he looks like he could be a star in the making.

    As for Ribery, If the rumours are true about the fee Bayern have slapped on him, then I wouldn't want us to sign him, he is worth £60m, I would love us to sign Sergio Aquero and Karim Benzema.

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